if you node it they will come...

It has come to my attention that several everythingians will be either moving to or visiting Portland, Oregon in the month of October, also that several everythingians do in fact live in the area. So in a effort to foster Peace on Eveything, Goodwill towards Noders. I am attempting to organize a small get-together sometime in mid-late October, 2000. The location I've picked a place, after several hours of consideration. I wanted a place where eveyone would be pretty happy, one where those people that don't drink, aren't 21, or don't eat meat wouldn't feel uncomfortable in. So I have chosen The Tao of Tea as it is
1.) Easy to find
2.) Has vegan cuisine that I (as near as a carnivore as you can get without dying of scurvy) actually enjoy.

Meet Fellow Noders in the Avante Garde of the new Aesthetic!

ok, I don't have any idea what that means....
If any noder who lives, or will be in the area around this time (last two weeks of october) wishes to attend please /msg me in the chatterbox or email me at lordomar@speakeasy.org

Impress friends by saying "I was there"!

ok "impress might not be the right word, but it sounded better then "annoy people with stories about the freaks you just met"
If the group gets large I'd like to be able to phone them ahead of time and make sure we have adequate seating. It's a very relaxed place to be and I think it's a good location, as it fosters communication and relaxation (without resorting to a social lubricant).

come on, we've all read the nodes of other noders who've had fun at get-togethers in their region (ok I missed the fireworks weekend and this is a last-ditch attempt to make up for it), now it's our turn.

Give me something to do on a Saturday afternoon!

besides playing alpha centauri and watching food tv.
When I get enough feedback I'll set a precise date and time, right now I'm thinking Saturday, October 21st at around 2PM. (Ok, it seems that all I've talked to so far think that the 21st is good too. So that's now the official time.

This is not to be confused with the Everything Portland Oregon Super-Bash 2001 (in the works for spring 2001).

Attending so far:
Me (LordOmar)
The Reedies, dragoon and Brain!
The new arrival to the area: ideath!
The irepressible wonko (and guest!)
The borderline-divine moJoe!
The blissful icicle!
The prolific flamingweasel (and trying to convince pukesick to come with)!
the incomparable Dialogue may be making an appearance...

And a thousand elephants!....
Ok, The Details

When: the 21st of October, 2 PM (that's this Saturday for those of you who are number-challenged)

Where: The Tao of Tea on S.E. Belmont.
Pretty easy to find if you know portland, if not email me at lordomar@speakeasy.org (email must be sent prior to noon on friday as my at-home access is currently nonexistent) and I'll send details to you. It's right around SE 35th and Belmont, across the street from the Avalon Theater/Arcade (you can't miss that, look for the building covered with pictures of clowns and tons of lights).

What you should bring: About 5 bucks for tea, probably more if you want food. Also if you can drag along another noder please do. Let me know if you are brining a guest (or five) for that whole "count" thing I need (mentioned below)

Once again, I need to call ahead about a couple hours before we arrive, so it's good if I have an accurate idea of about how many people are planning to show up.

Ok, it's tommrow! Cool, I'm officially uncontactable via the internet from right now till Monday, so if you need emergency directions or just have any questions you can call my cel at (503)381-4436 (I'm being nice trying to make sure we all get together for this thing, please don't make me regret putting this number here).

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