He was in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles pajamas and he had an erection that was two feet long. I couldn't come near him. Neither could anyone else on the planet.

"You could poke an eye out with that thing!"

And poke an eye out, he did.

My academic team was leaving for a large competition. We had underwent weeks of suffering and long hard practices, kind of .. well.. the opposite of what we're doing now. He had no drive to be on the team, but they loved him anyway. I was working my hardest, but no one seemed to accept that I was there or I had intellectual worth. "Aimee's cut. Ben's definitely on." I didn't resent him. I wanted to give him a hug. I loved him too much to care about me not making the team. But he had an erection. And it was two feet long. And he could poke an eye out with that thing. He's small for 17. 5'7" or 5'6", 130 pounds, skinny. So his erection, regardless of the exaggerated length, is so out of proportion. It's driving me to insanity. That thing, as a function, has a constant slope. If you had a protractor handy and measured the angles from the altitude that bisects the angle, you would find that the pants form an isosocles triangle. It's creepy.

That penis is BIG and geometically perfect.

Then another element of the dream comes in, my stepbrother. He's rather effeminate (even for a nine year old) and we had more interaction than we normally do (something like.. we haven't spoken more than a sentence to each other in the past two years--I have more interaction with my DENTIST than I do with him). I was accusing him of stealing things from my room. He was upset and in a way that was unlike his gibberish speech, articulated clearly to me that he had only stolen one thing from my room and it was something stupid and meaningless to me, like a washcloth that I had left on my desk. Then, like a cheesy episode of Full House, I hugged him.

Then there was lots and lots of race car driving and using power tools.

Then there was a segment with my German teacher. He said something like, (phonetically typed to accentuate his German accent)

"Zo Aimee, you should coom see me more ohften."

And I just looked at him. His accent dropped.

"Because you know this is my ultimate fantasy auf Deutsch.. using only the simple vocabulary that your idiotic class has been presented with."

I laughed.

"Wie geht's? Ich komme aus.. hehe.. nein!... im..du"

I said I had to go.. only I said, "Tengo ir."

"Haben Sie Geschlect mit mich!"

"Nein.. Herr Hoppe... du bist.. neunundzwanzig (29) jahr alt... ich bin.. sechzehn(16) jahr alt.. Machen Sie der 'math'!"

I never saw him again. Well, until class today. He seemed to be looking at me oddly, almost like he knew. I couldn't seem to look straight at him for this.

Damn recurring image... crushing bird skulls. I had been dreaming of a rave in a terrible part of town. Then my new home was a warehouse... then the warehouse was a vaulted castle room and I thought about building a stairway so I could get to a doorway about twenty feet up.

Then I was in the Everglades.

I was driving a golf cart with my stepson next to me. We watched long-beaked birds catch fish in the stagnant water. Three of them flew to the trail ahead of me to eat their prey and they were beautiful and graceful but I couldn’t stop the cart. I managed to avoid two, but the sound of the third bird under the tire was sickening and I didn’t want to show my disgust and upset the little boy.

I also saw a crocodile. He looked like a statue. His skin was green like the trees and his snout looked very fragile.

Deja Vu Horror

  • I'm with my girlfriend and some other adults in a room that looks like mine except it's in some strange house. We find a radio and Genery turns it on looking for some music. Instead a sinister voice preaches doom from the airwaves. She changes the station but the other voices all threaten death to us. Over the next half hour or so, many people appear in the house with the intent of killing us. With a few friends, we battle our way out, having to strike down the demons with big clubs. At last we escape the house and run down the road where we hop onto a boat floating in the canal.

  • I'm with my girlfriend in a room that resembles mine but is in a strange house. I remember being here before in a previous dream but I can't recall if it was a previous night or earlier this same night. Everything that happens gives me a feeling of deja vu. We listen to the radio and hear the sinister voice. I decide to turn the radio off since I think it causes bad things. We hang out for a while and go for a walk outside. It's lovely and the stars are out.

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