when an Uncle, one who makes white rice

also the brother of Peter Parker's father

when a band, one who folds five,

when a bear, a large brown gentle one,

when a roman, Hur

when a doctor, you are Dr.Casey

when a conceited actor, you are Affleck

when a rat, you are the namesake of a cheap horror movie and the title of a Michael Jackson songfrom the soundtrack

when you a clock, you are Big

when a painkiller you are Gay

when you give away money you are Mr.Stein

'Ben' in conversational Québecois is "bien", which means "well", "very" or "good" depending on the context.

Contrary to "bien" however, you do not pronounce the 'i' which is why you end up with "ben." If you speak French, it'd be pronounced "bin", and for you non-French speakers, worry not, "ben" in certain Québecois accents, is pronounced "Benne" which should be easy as it is the English pronounciation.


Luc: Comment ça va?
How are you?

Pascal: Ben...pas pire.
Well...not bad.
Ha ha! I meant to confuse you. In this context, "ben", contrary to your usual "très bien" response, means "well" in the reproof/surprise sense.

Sébastien: Je suis tout nu.
I am buck naked.

Mélanie: C'est ben p'tit!
It's so small!
In this context, it'd be in the "very" sense. So = very.

Jean-Carl: Ça va, bonhomme?
Are you alright, dude?

Jean-François: Ça va ben.
I'm alright.
In this context, it's in the "good" sense; as an aknowledgement.

I say "conversational" because this word arose from conversational Québecois, but there is no doubt that you will encounter this word in French books, poems or magazines.

A Hebrew word meaning son, boy. It has the more general meaning of child sometimes.

When preceded and followed by a name, it acts as "son of".

For example, Judah the son of Hur becomes Judah ben Hur.

The name Benjamin means "Son of the Right". The "ben" bit is "son of..."

Feminine form : bat
Masculine plural : banim
Definite conjuctive plural : B'nei as in B'nai B'rith.

Ben (?), Ben" nut` (?). [Ar. ban, name of the tree.] Bot.

The seed of one or more species of moringa; as, oil of ben. See Moringa.


© Webster 1913.

Ben, adv. & prep. [AS. binnan; pref. be- by + innan within, in in.]

Within; in; in or into the interior; toward the inner apartment.



© Webster 1913.

Ben, n. [See Ben, adv.]

The inner or principal room in a hut or house of two rooms; -- opposed to but, the outer apartment.



© Webster 1913.


An old form of the pl. indic. pr. of Be.



© Webster 1913.

Bene, Ben (?), n. [Native name.] Zool.

A hoglike mammal of New Guinea (Porcula papuensis).


© Webster 1913.

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