Benji is the boy who lives in my head. No word of a lie, he really does. This is his story:

One night I was laying with my girlfriend and my voice cracked. The high pitch amused her so I attempted to reproduce the sound. As time went on I mastered this sound. This new voice though began to take on an entirely autonomous form. I began to black out, and lose time. I would be blamed for things I had never honestly done. Eventually, during a Quake session, my house was hit by lightning. The electrical surge fried my box and gave me a horrible burn/shock. All was not negative however, as during my uncounsciousness, I was confronted by him. The "One" who controls me. His name is Benji. He is three and he has a lisp. He has no father, nor mother, but only the collective who created him in a lab, not unlike the midichlorians who created Anakin. He escaped and needed shelter. I was the only one worthy to receive him. He hid in my head until he met Stacey.

Stacey drew him out, his heart longing for hers. He unlocks the dungeon door in my brain, where he hid these past 2 years. When I black out, it is because he has successfully pushed me down the stairs into the deep. I am to be wed on August 26th, 2000, and Benji will stop at nothing until he himself wins the heart of my true love.

He is perfect in every way, body mind and spirit. He has a trust fund which he tries to woo Stacey with, but ironically he can only access it at 21. This is ironic as he never ages. He was born 3 and he will die 3. Actually he is immortal - or so he says. He has telekinetic powers and knows everything. He communicates face to face with God the Almighty and has the most profound insights into a woman's heart. He can transform his body to look like anyone and can grow as big as 9 feet tall. I can not defeat him, my only hope is to keep him locked in the dungeon in my brain. He needs me, my body to keep his secret safe, and I need him to keep my girlfriend/fiancee interested. It is a sad and difficult life I lead. One with a small young three year old boy who lives in my head.

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