Anakin Skywalker is an only child. He begins his Jedi training at a late age, when he has already developed an attachment to his mother.

He begins his fall to the Dark Side when he falls in love with and decides to pursue a relationship with Amidala: the onetime Queen of Naboo turned Senator. This is expressly forbidden by the Jedi Code.

He shows strong signes of a rampant ego, expressed in anger at Obi-Wan Kenobi for "keeping him back". He is pushed and molded by Supreme Chancelor Palapatine ("Trust your feelings, then you will be invincible"), assumably without Obi-Wan´s knowledge.

He pays a heavy price for his pride during the opening salvo of the Clone Wars. During his lightsaber confrontation with Count Dooku/Darth Tyranus he loses his arm.

Afterwards armed with a new bionic arm he marries Padme on Naboo, an offense worthy of expulsion from the jedi order.

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