A relatively earth-like planet in the Star Wars universe. While not explicitly stated, it is certainly in the Outer Rim, since the characters stop on Tatooine on their way to Coruscant. It seems to have gravity in the vicinity of 1g, and an atmosphere like Earth’s. Its most unique feature is its core, which the Jedi travel through. Instead of solid and/or molten rock, the core is composed of water-filled tunnels of massive proportions. This raises interesting questions about how the unusual terrain of the world was formed, since there would be no continental plate shifts from seismic activity. It is possible that the use of the phrase “planet core” by the Gungans is meant to indicate the name of the tunnel system, and not literally mean the core, which may be magma-based, like Earth.

The planet sports a varied ecosystem, and has the interesting property of being home to two sentient species - something which is unlikely to occur naturally. It is probable that the humans of Naboo simply colonized the planet, and that the Gungans are the native race.

The filming for the Naboo scenes took place in two areas. The city scenes were filmed in Italy, and the field where the battle takes place between the Gungans and the droid army is in New Zealand.

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