The loss of memory that occurs when a person is unconscious. Is generally associated with the state of mind that occurs when an excess of alcohol has been consumed. The next day your friends tell you about events and actions from the previous night that you do not recall. There is a period of time you were conscious but no memories are retained. Depending on the audience a black out is perceived as humorous or an indication of deep problems.

Experiencing blackouts is a warning sign that alcoholism is probable. At least this is the consensus among most addiction treatment specialists today. A single episode of heavy drinking can cause a blackout, and not indicate a problem with alcohol, but when blackout episodes are repeated, there is a good chance that alcohol is a problem. Speaking from experience, as I was an alcoholic drinker for many years, blackouts are a scary thing. Nothing is worse than waking up the next morning and not only having a hellacious hangover, but not remembering quite what you did the night before.

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