Ben had went with his family to New Jersey on a trip to visit some friends of his parents. One day, while online, he IMed me telling me that he was having some second thoughts about giving me another chance because he had met this girl while in New Jersey named Ana who he was forming a big crush on. I got really upset and IMed him back, but he signed off. I knew he was acting on his crush.

Then I went dressed as a clown to this movie theater, and bought a ticket to one unspecific movie but I was so bored with the movie selection. I started to go into Final Fantasy III but I acted like I had already seen that movie. And then I walked into this movie that was an old black and white clown movie. I just stood at the door watching it. Then these other clowns stood up and started walking towards me, looking angry. They were going to beat me up for letting light into the room. We were sad clowns.

I went into another theater for a teen movie and I tried to hide my face so that no one would know it was me in this clown outfit on. People from my school stood around, talking. The theater was circular and the lights were on. Walking by, someone else brushed my curly blonde wig off, exposing my face. Regardless, I received the same amount of negative attention as I had before. I decided it was best for me to leave, what with all the people staring at me. But as I exited the theater, I remembered that I had left my bag in the theater and ran back in to get it. When I went back inside, I saw James Beard, one of my quiz bowl teammates, and we and started talking.

When I got home later, my mom and dad were there, saying we had to go to this country barbeque restaurant for dinner. In the car, I noticed she had one of those map systems but it had a Windows screenshot and I saw an AIM alert window telling me that Ben had just signed on. I wanted to take the IM, but I was in the backseat. I noticed he was talking about Ana again. I got more upset. Long after this, we got into an accident with another car near an intersection. We didn't think it was a big deal, so we invited them to go to dinner with us. We got to the place. The food was so messy, that they gave you other clothes to wear. But I thought that the clothes were so gross and dirty that I just left my own on. I left in the middle of dinner.

I went to Ben's house and he was home finally. I asked him what he had done with Ana. He said, "Nothing." I said, "Anything bad?" He said, "Yes and no." I found out she had given him some erotic massage and I got really upset again. Ii was angry more at her than him because I had assumed that he had not thought that the massage was bad, but she knew it was making a move on him. But then I knew he no longer cared about me because he started bragging about how good the massage was. And I went into his bathroom and written on the wall was something like, "Erotic Massage Yum." And I said, "Ben, you know your parents will see that." And he got worried so he said he would change it so it looked like "The other massage yuck." But it didn't matter because his parents really like Ana since her parents were friends with them. I was getting really worried.

Rachel, his sister, came home with one of her friends who would bring Ben this soda. It was like he had a hangover because they were tending to him. When he drank the soda, he would somehow alter the message written on the packaging to tell if he was satisfied with the content. I wanted to see so badly how he was doing this because, even in my dream, this made no sense at all. But I never found out. His sister knew what the message on the wall said. But she didn't mind because she liked Ana too.

Then I had to leave because I had a science project to demonstrate at Walmart in this special booth. I was going to use a stuffed cow from Chick-Fil-A, place him on the glass, and then put another glass on top of him. In the top glass, I would place yogurt. But I didn't have my materials ready, so I had to go around Walmart getting them, starting with eggs. I don't know why I needed eggs. People were scattering around trying to get as many cartons as possible. Every carton of eggs I picked up broke. I started to get to these metal egg cartons that would make crackling sounds seconds after touching them. I realized if you let the water from the container sit on the carton for long enough, the pressure would break it. But there were no eggs inside. It was just empty. It didn't really break.

I went to demonstrate my project, which was getting this cow to launch yogurt (a yogurt slinger?) at different heights and I decided he needed to be wearing a t-shirt, so I ran to get one for him. When I placed the ruler under the cow, I noticed that the measurements were in picas and I didn't know what I was doing. As if this was not bad enough, people started to come in, chatting loudly. A girl in one of my classes helped me ignite the yogurt as I threw it. The first bit of yogurt flew behind a large metal box attached to the wall. I noticed that there was wiring against the wall and that it was catching fire. I screamed, hoping someone would help me put it out, but no one did. I eventually got it out.

When I looked up, I saw a computer monitor. Microsoft Outlook was open and a message was open reading, "I like Ben's cute hair and his sweet eyes and how he knows everything about football and stuff." And that's when I realized that they had not really gotten to know each other on anything outside of some sexual level... even if Ben told me some stupid story about how some people stole her entire collection of indie rock CDs (okay, whatever).

Then the e-mail turned into a bunch of photos she had taken when she gave him the massage.

One was of Ben laying flat on a masseuse's table, naked except for a towel around his waist. He looked like my old German teacher except he had acne, was shorter, and was younger. Then there was this other picture where he was looking at the camera and smiling. Another where he was flexing his arm. And another where she was exposing her breasts to him and he was touching them.

The judge of my science project was going to give me another chance to do my project because these people had been so rude, but I never did it again because I realized my project was a crock-of-shit and that I was suddenly more concerned with Ana and what the heck she thought she was pulling.

Somehow I just didn't care about Ben anymore though, because he seemed like such a jerk. I woke up. I had several more dreams that night related to Ana.

This is what happens when you eat expensive spicy cheese biscuits minutes before going to sleep.

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