Resurrection & Dreams Within Dreams

  • With Lianna, Mario and Allen, we stalk through an upscale neighborhood, breaking into peoples' houses. Theft is not our intent. We're just taking a tour of the local architecture and interior design. We've chosen a rich neighborhood so we can check out some examples of decadence. I remember one which seemed to have been remodeled specifically for a birthday party. There were paintings of the guest of honor inset into the walls and large areas had been textured with new wallpaper: red and blue balloons. A large bar had been built near a new dance floor. We arrive at another house where a couple lives. They have all the equipment for a baby (nursery, crib, toys, high chair, etc.) but no child. They must want one very badly. We almost get caught leaving the house but the silver Mercedes pulled into the driveway next door. Later that night, we put on a "taboo" party where everyone that comes must break some kind of taboo. Some people are dressed as the opposite gender, some aren't wearing anything, some fart freely, some copulate or masturbate freely, some people are brutally honest. I approach Lianna, standing by the sliding glass door to the patio, who hasn't broken any taboos. She concedes and makes a horrible face which makes two extra eyes appear. She shows this four-eyed face for awhile then goes back to normal.

  • I'm back in junior high and we're going on a field trip to some high-tech company. We line up in the quad (which looks like my kindergarten school) to get on the bus. We arrive at the corporation on the day that a scandal is uncovered, perpetrated by the senior staff of the company. Apparently some very dirty crime was committed and we see the president run out of the building and behind our bus where he shoots and kills himself. Suddenly I awaken inside his body. I stand up and greet all my friends and people who are gathered around. They exclaim over the miracle while I don't understand what is going on. My friend Ali puts his hands on my stomach and makes some comment about the muscles proving that it really is a dead body I am inhabiting.

  • Allen and I are walking in a parking garage when we are kidnapped by a mafia kingpin who thinks we owe him money. He takes us to his house and says he's going to kill us. We talk to his two daughters who are eating fruit salad. Our friend gets a strange idea of how to save us. He goes back in time many years and becomes a kingpin himself. I see him, as Al Pacino, in Las Vegas playing poker in a casino. Over the years, he becomes the boss to our captor. Back in the present, just before we're about to be killed. He comes through the door and orders us free.

  • I'm hanging out with some girls in their house (which resembles an old house of my father's on Crosspoint Ave). My friends Amy and Allison are there. Amy and I are talking and playing around affectionately, in the course of which she accidently kisses me. She apologizes but I tell her it's no problem. One of the girls' father comes to pick her up. He's an old, large fellow and talks about everyone in the third person. His daughter doesn't like him very much and throws a tantrum about not wanting to go with him. Her mother mediates and they finally leave together. Allison begins to cry after this traumatic scene. I receive a phone call on my cell and it's my friend August calling from Uruguay. I tell him about a dream I had with him in it. Then I realize that I'm not speaking at all, but having the conversation in my head. I wake up in the room and tell the girls that I was just dreaming about talking to August. The phone rings and the same thing happens again where I have the conversation in my mind. I wake up again and walk down the hall to my friend Adam's room. It's paneled in dark wood and I'm impressed. I see an interestingly colored photo of a person playing drums. As I watch, it animates into a psychedelic-colored movie of the last few moments of a climactic song. It repeats again but this time it's a guitar player. Then it pans to the left and I see myself in the room playing guitar. I ask Adam about it but he has no idea what it is or where he got it.

  • I apply to be part of Phish's road crew, doing some kind of computer work. My girlfriend and I talk to the lady hiring as a crowd of people show up all wanting to be sound men. I'm filling out a form that sets up what kind of meals I will get when I hear my mother's voice speaking behind me.

  • With my girlfriend after a choir show at my high school, we see some people we haven't seen since graduation. Genery sees her friend Trisha while I talk to my friend's Thomas and Mario. Thomas hands me a star-shaped candy which he calls an "octo-mint". Mario tells me they're good, fruity and minty. I put it in my shirt pocket for later.

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