Late at night, I was walking in the city... I'm probably walking up at the 50-odd streets and Broadway when I walked up to a small bar that looked like a treehouse. All wooden walls and floors unpainted. All I see is a bar in this small treehouse. I saw a bartender, and ordered a few drinks. The bartender served a few random drinks, and one of them was a screwdriver. This time, it tasted good unlike the slop I had on my birthday. As a reminder... no more triple sec. The bartender is closing up shop, and he said he can pay for it by putting money in the register. He didn't tell how much I owe. I was alone, the lights are almost out, and I left the place.

One night later, I went to the same treehouse again only to find out the bar is closed and the treehouse grew in size for a Japanese restaurant. I asked a guy behind a counter where is the bartender. The guy behind the counter said "he's out tonight."

I still owe this guy money.

Last night I had one of many dreams where I am cheating on someone... my wife, or some dream partner? The woman whose favor I am trying to gain knows this, and disdains me for it. What's more, she wants someone else. I am torn by jealousy, though at the same time I want to help her, even if it means helping her reach this other person she want.

This dream is very fuzzy for me, because I am recording it so late in the day, but I remember running through a landscape that vaguely resembled the landscape that surrounded me the last time I was drunk -- in the middle of nowhere in the Jedovnice recreation area, in the Czech Republic. It was night in the dream, and things were lit by an odd glow... perhaps greenish.

(laughs hysterically as he reads his own messed-up pipelink... fixed now.)
  • Flutterby
    I was clumsy when I transferred the cocoons to their incubating box and dropped one. A week later it was oozing pus. It really happened that way but this time Mrs. Winter wasn't going to let me off easy and I had to plant the daffodils for her.
    Mother says The Teacher Is Always Right but this time she wasn't.

  • Miss One Thousand Spring Blossoms
    She was wearing purple fuck me boots and lots and lots of makeup. Then her bubble gum got stuck on her face all the way up to her painted eyebrows and she just looked like a lost girl again.

  • HERE Kitty Kitty
    They kept the new kittens in a stackable rubbermaid container, the see-through kind. It wasn't cruel only unfair, they seemed quite comfortable on their shelf for a week. Still I disagreed with them.
    When they shut their bedroom door and they started the bed creaking, I decided the kittens needed to be free. I set up a nest in my room for them and I figgered they may want to romp for a bit first so I carried the container carefully outside to the front lawn.
    It was morning before I got to open the lid and my hands felt curiously deprived of warmth. I never even got to touch them.
I was stuck in high school. I'd only gone back for a visit, and yet they made me wear my catholic school uniform. My English teacher was watching Evil Dead and trying to get me to take off my clothes (my teacher was a fat old ex-beatnik. The kids all laughed at me; it was horrible.

Out of nowhere I ran into my friend Bob. I havent' spoken to him for years. God, he must be forty now. But I wasn't able to talk to him long--my English teacher came for me. Next thing I knew, my alarm was going off.

I suppose it's the idea of getting older, and my futile fighting of it; I turn 22 today. Not old, I guess, but still I'm scared.

I was standing in line at a fast food restaurant. I heard my name and looked up. The cashier was looking at me funny. She asked where I went to high school, so I told her. Then she recited some poetry and claimed that I had written it and she had read it in the school's literary magazine years ago. She said that it had inspired her to follow her dreams and live life to the fullest.

I had never heard the poetry before (and certainly hadn't written any poetry in high school, let alone been published), and had never met her, but she kept praising me and telling me how I changed her life.

Uptime: 20 hours (5 hours' sleep previous night)
Location: Bed
Light: on
Fell asleep reading: Camel Book

For some reason, I was walking through the yard of a friend of our familys' (the same friend we rented the minivan from to attend The Horny E2 Portland Conflagration. She a lagoon-type pool setting with natural-looking rocks. It was night time. I was barefoot (I never, ever walk barefoot -- I am as militant about always wearing shoes (or at least socks) as srkorn is about never wearing them). I was running through their yard, jumping over cactus and hopping up and over large rocks, trying to avoid cactus spines, but the rocks went on and on, and got bigger and bigger, until I finally bounded up some enormous boulders. When I looked ahead from this new vantage point, I thought I saw my old elementary school in the distance.

Meanwhile, I remembered that I was supposed to be house-sitting for these people, so I went back in the house. I invited my friend over to smoke a joint with me on their beautiful patio. While I was waiting for him to arrive, I took my boots and set them on the stairs, except that in reality their house does not have a staircase, nor do these stairs lead directly outside onto the patio from the living room. It was dark, pitch dark (this is a "desert" neighborhood, where street lamps are actually forbidden).

The doorbell rang. I answered it. What looked like a married couple, both sets of their parents, and a little girl aged about 4 were standing there. They were inquring about "the room for rent". I told them I didn't live here, I was just house-sitting for the family that does. The father-guy said "well, we're very glad you're moving in" (??) and starting setting up dolls, little-girl wallpaper, and other such accoutrements around the bedroom (I'm not sure how we got there. It seems to me like the front door of the house somehow opened directly into the bedroom). I specifically remember this guy giving a frilly-costumed teddy bear a gentle hug before setting it on a cloth-covered rocking chair. Meanwhile, I took the little girl's hand and talked to her about the university system. I remember her being absolutely adorable and that I wanted to hug her (oddly, when I woke up later, I realized that the girl was my girlfriend's little sister at age 3).

Things get a little blurry, but the scene changes back to the owners' very nice living room, the one with the staircase that supposedly leads outside to the patio. It was still very dark in the house. I saw some kind of light come on downstairs (in their real house, there is a short staircase that leads to the bedroom wing) and some noises.

At this point, a sickening feeling overtook me, the kind of feeling I used to get when my brother and I had been smoking pot and were afraid we were going to get caught by our parents or busted by cops -- a feeling of being generally, irrevocably screwed -- as I realized that I wasn't supposed to be housesitting for them this week, that was last week! I'm not supposed to be here! What am I doing ?! I got the vague sensation that I was covered by something stifling. I fought against it and felt like I had been underwater and was frantically trying to swim to surface (this makes sense because deep water has always terrified me). I finally realized I was asleep and woke up, throwing the covers off of my face.

I'm with a large group of people..we are partying. They seem to be a group of people I know from Everquest. I volunteer to go for beer. Zommy takes me, and there is some difficulty in getting the beer. We go to a downtown area full of skyscrapers, but finally end up getting one half case of beer and I realize that it is way too little beer for the crowd. In the meantime, somehow I have gotten incredibly drunk and am ashamed of it and know I am going to throw up/pass out soon. There is a huge brass bed, very luxurious and covered with soft quilts and pillows where it is understood that I will be sleeping with Zommy in. Then all of a sudden we are going to a friend's house in Prospect. The house is a large shabby shack with hounds running all over. My friend comes out and invites me to the back area. A lot of people are partying there. My friend goes into the bathroom and it is apparent he is making lines of cocaine there. I am very wasted, I think I throw up and start cleaning it up. Somehow the vomit turns to dog shit from one of the puppies and I am cleaning up endless puppy piles. I am hurt because my friend doesn't offer me any coke, but he comes out of the bathroom and says 'the biggest line in there is for you'. I go in, and there are two HUGE piles of coke, probably 1/2 oz. each and I understand that one is his wife's pile and one is his. I do a couple of the many lines lined out there and feel terrible for getting back into doing coke.

Interpretation: It relates to going and seeing some Everquest friends that I've never met. I'm going on a business trip and the oppurtunity is there to see Zommy and a couple of others. Zommy made the comment the other night that if I see him, I'll cheat on my husband with him. That disturbed me, as things have never been that way with us, but it makes me hesitant to see him when I'm down there. The cocaine and drinking are forbidden things for me, as I'm in recovery for addiction to those things, as cheating on my husband would be forbidden. I also got sick and ashamed and things turned to shit when I did the forbidden thing in my dream. I think this dream is my subconscious telling me that I won't cheat and I don't want to.

Psychic Salvia Time Travel

  • My entire field of view is filled with a subtely textured plane of grey-blue. Like a film camera, the angle is fixed as it slowly zooms in. This shot fades into a similar slow zoom shot, but closer to the surface, revealing more details but still nondescript. This repeats a few times until I realize I am looking straight down at the ocean from an enormous altitude. I began miles above the water but now, as I fade closer and closer, I see the tiny white shape of what must be a huge cruise ship--though my descent is pointing towards a point quite far away from it. At some point the slow zoom of my perspective betrays itself as my rapidly accelerating free fall. I plunge towards the surface with waves now visible roiling across it. A surprisingly gentle landing and I am deep in the bright water. Dolphins swarm around me and lead me towards an island sand bar submerged inches below the surface level. They sing to me some strange message.

  • WHAM. I am quite abruptly sitting on the carpeted floor of my friend, Ali's, dorm room. Ali himself is sitting in front of me with a wry smile on his face. The room is bare of decorations as if it's the end of the year and everyone has moved out, leaving only pale dorm furniture. As far as I can tell, I was standing on the sand bar out on the ocean just a moment before--but I also have the peculiar feeling that I was sitting here the whole time. I stutter as I explain to Ali that I seem to be having trouble remembering what's going on or how I got here. He explains patiently that I have just smoked Salvia divinorum and am probably feeling some dissociative effects. When he says this I recall the truth of his words and think how pleasant it is to have such a powerful metaphysical experience without fear of any kind.
  • WHAM. Now I am sitting on the grass in the Porter College quad. Again I'm with my friend Ali and he has the same wry look. Hesitantly, I ask, "Did I just smoke Salvia?" He confirms that I did. I think to myself that this is truly the strangest entheogen there is. Soon I find myself in another dorm room at night, with Ali of course. Then in a city park. Then behind a supermarket. Though I'm always in a different location, Ali is always with me and I've always just smoked Salvia. This process repeats about a hundred times before morning comes and lifts me back into consensus reality.
The day after this dream, I told Ali about it because it was so vivid and strange. He grinned wryly and told me that he and some other people had in fact smoked Salvia on a whim late that night while I was asleep in bed ten miles away. It had been six months since he'd last smoked it and I had no previous knowledge that he was going to. We laughed at this paranormal phenomenon--they happen more and more often as time goes by. I guess you can get used to anything.

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