Whoa! It makes me feel guilty that timezones et al. make me be the first poster in the dream logs when I decide to make one.

Well, I was meeting with some friends, in the old part of Barcelona. I don't know why, but I had a rather odd-looking hat that I was very fond of. Well, we started taking a walk up the Rambla, one of the prettiest and busiest walks in Barcelona, when we found some kind of parade. We went through it and then I noticed I had lost my hat.

I started looking for it, but as I did so, people in the parade looked like they belonged to some weird sect or cult or something. What's more, they looked plain evil. Now I was trying to find my hat and avoid them, but that was pretty hard as they were more and more.

Well, I tried to get to different sections of the parade by using side streets to the Rambla, but there were evil guys there too. In one of those streets, I got into a shop or something (blurry details here), and then got into a 2001-like psychedelic tunnel, where I floated into a wire-frame rectangular tunnel with frequent turns. In addition to that, The Doors, completely dressed in black drifted in the tunnel, appearing at seemingly regular intervals. I could hear clearly what they were singing, but I can't remember it now.

Oh yeah, then I woke up (and drifted back to sleep to a kinkier dream...)

i'm in some old-style church, sometime in the Middle Ages. i'm sitting in the back pew, quietly watching Freddy Krueger, who is dressed as a monk, stalk back and forth. from behind me, i hear the sound of metal on metal, like a sword being unsheathed. i turn to look back and see a blur go by me at an incredible speed. i turn to Freddy as he explodes in a fury of blood. he screams in pain as he is torn apart by this unseen assailant. nothing is left of him.

I was driving over to St. Thomas Aquinas church on Abrams for some class or another, parked my car and walked to the doors. Before I got there though, my attention was caught by a dog wearing glasses. With the dog was an old man, a younger, rather attractive man named Bob, and a young woman who I assumed was Bob's girlfriend, and was mildly jealous, as females tend to get.

The three of them were trying to figure out what was wrong with the dog, and after much discussion, realized that the dog's glasses were the wrong prescription. So the old man tried his glasses on the dog (who I found out by looking at his tag that his name was Sam)--I wasn't really sure how he would find out if the glasses were right or not. The old man said these were not good for the dog and took them back.

So I let the dog try my old glasses, because I'd just gotten a new pair. As soon as the dog put them on, I saw the world like I was wearing way-too-strong glasses. So this is how he figured the glasses didn't work for Sam! I was sad that I couldn't help him.

Somewhere in this dream, a little girl came along while we were trying out our glasses on Sam. All she did was come over and pet the dog, and even though it didn't help him too much, it did seem to make him happy. So after we'd tried out our glasses, I joined her in petting him... then realized I'd missed the class that I had come to attend, and it was time to go. She was upset and wanted me to stay, but I knew I could not stay there forever, nor could I return on a regular basis. So she gets in an English-style taxi to go home, and I go over to my car to leave... but it is blocked in by a navy blue Suburban, and I had no idea who it belonged to, so I couldn't leave.

..end due to my alarm going off...

I am playing the piano, which wouldn't be remarkable except for the fact that I don't play the piano. I easily read the sheet music, playing some very modern-sounding music, which could have been composed by Shostakovich if he ever wrote anything for the piano.

Everything is very calm and extremely normal. When I arrive at the last chord of the piece, I realize I do not know what I am doing. I forget whatever it is that I know about how to play the piano. So, I have to look closer at the sheet music. I look very closely, getting my nose right up to the paper, but I see nothing helpful. Then I think it would be good to look at the music from a higher angle, because this will let me see the entire chord I am supposed to play. As I stand up, the music becomes a row of stacks of rectangular tupperware containers. The stacks have a very deep meaning, as far as the music is concerned, because they somehow convey more than the regular-looking sheet music can. I try to play the tupperware chord, but I still foul it up.

Myself and several friends were standing in front of the White House just looking at it. As we were looking, a large helicopter began to emerge from behind the building. It was just taking off. This was the biggest freakin helicopter I've ever seen - it seemed about as big as the White House. The sides of this helicopter were made of stone blocks, like the walls of a castle, and there were turrets and arrow holes as well.

My friend turned to me and said this was the new model of Air Force One. As we watched, the huge copter climbed a little higher, but then it seemed to become unstable. It dipped down a bit and started to tilt to one side, then the other. It seemed like the pilots were really fighting to keep it up.

I knew it was going down. As we watched it tipped way over to the side and the huge propeller must have hit the building or the ground. The helicopter went crashing down behind the building and we started to run.

At this point it became one of those, you try to run but can't seem to move, dreams. We knew that we had to get to cover because it was going to explode and there would be debris flying everywhere. I had a premonition of a piece of the huge propeller flying through the air and chopping me in half. That was when I woke up.

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