Psychic Salvia Time Travel

  • My entire field of view is filled with a subtely textured plane of grey-blue. Like a film camera, the angle is fixed as it slowly zooms in. This shot fades into a similar slow zoom shot, but closer to the surface, revealing more details but still nondescript. This repeats a few times until I realize I am looking straight down at the ocean from an enormous altitude. I began miles above the water but now, as I fade closer and closer, I see the tiny white shape of what must be a huge cruise ship--though my descent is pointing towards a point quite far away from it. At some point the slow zoom of my perspective betrays itself as my rapidly accelerating free fall. I plunge towards the surface with waves now visible roiling across it. A surprisingly gentle landing and I am deep in the bright water. Dolphins swarm around me and lead me towards an island sand bar submerged inches below the surface level. They sing to me some strange message.

  • WHAM. I am quite abruptly sitting on the carpeted floor of my friend, Ali's, dorm room. Ali himself is sitting in front of me with a wry smile on his face. The room is bare of decorations as if it's the end of the year and everyone has moved out, leaving only pale dorm furniture. As far as I can tell, I was standing on the sand bar out on the ocean just a moment before--but I also have the peculiar feeling that I was sitting here the whole time. I stutter as I explain to Ali that I seem to be having trouble remembering what's going on or how I got here. He explains patiently that I have just smoked Salvia divinorum and am probably feeling some dissociative effects. When he says this I recall the truth of his words and think how pleasant it is to have such a powerful metaphysical experience without fear of any kind.
  • WHAM. Now I am sitting on the grass in the Porter College quad. Again I'm with my friend Ali and he has the same wry look. Hesitantly, I ask, "Did I just smoke Salvia?" He confirms that I did. I think to myself that this is truly the strangest entheogen there is. Soon I find myself in another dorm room at night, with Ali of course. Then in a city park. Then behind a supermarket. Though I'm always in a different location, Ali is always with me and I've always just smoked Salvia. This process repeats about a hundred times before morning comes and lifts me back into consensus reality.
The day after this dream, I told Ali about it because it was so vivid and strange. He grinned wryly and told me that he and some other people had in fact smoked Salvia on a whim late that night while I was asleep in bed ten miles away. It had been six months since he'd last smoked it and I had no previous knowledge that he was going to. We laughed at this paranormal phenomenon--they happen more and more often as time goes by. I guess you can get used to anything.