I'm working as a security officer at a college campus in some suburban area. The college is in one huge building that is very modern architecture. There is a cafeteria which wraps around a reflecting pool that is surrounded by a 12 foot wall with a plexiglass window in the middle so people can look at the water (and all the cute fish). Tables are arranged against one wall and there is space between the tables and the wall for a path on which the campus security vehicles patrol the area.

While hanging aound at the cafeteria, watching people put promotional stuff for their companies and websites and services (you know, those little paper tents), one guy starts placing alarm clocks with company logos on them. For some reason this seems expensive and odd, so I try to kick the guy out. He starts whining "Why are you doing this, you can't mess with me?" So I start a fight with him so we have reason to kick him out.

Once he is gone, I play with the clock at the first table and open it up. It doesn't even work as a clock and is hollow inside. I tell another person that we have to throw them all out so we start gathering. I pick up one at the next table and realize it's ticking, so I throw it over the plexiglass wall into the pool. As soon as it hits the water, it explodes. We realize that there is enough explosive here to demolish the college, so we begin evacuating the entire complex.

I drive around permiter of cafeteria looking for people and warning everyone, then double back to do another lap, since this is where most people hang out during the day.

I leave to head to my room (apparently I'm a student as well; I live in the dorms), and continue to tell people to leave. By the time I get to the residential corner of the campus, everything is chaos but most people are leaving. Some people don't realize it's serious and are hiding in their rooms. When I enter the building instead of running out, despite my position as an important security officer, people doubt it even more. I keep yelling at everyone I see to leave. A friend who lives next door to me thinks it's stupid and won't leave even when I tell him to. When I get to my room, I grab a couple essentials and then get out. Right as I'm leaving the building, the evacuation is completing.

While I'm about to gather with everyone, trying to keep order and still yelling on bullhorn for people to get out of the building, somehow I realize that it's almost time for the bombs to go off because there previously were helicopters circling, which had since backed off and weren't shouting on bullhorns anymore.

Suddenly, I notice where the helicopters went: they're circling the crowd of evacuees and suddenly they have guns as do people at the permiter of group and all of the students, staff and other college personnel are hostages.

The captors lead everyone into the same building as the cafeteria entrance. It's a level of the building which is almost never used. They herd half of us in and then a big conveyor belt starts turning which runs us off the edge and down to another conveyor which moves us to fill the entire width of the "building". We are crammed in on two levels and it is pitch black. A few of us at the edges are staying calm and try to escape; we manage to shimmy down the edges where the conveyors attach to the wall. About 20 of us get out and drop down to the floor below which is in the sewer system. Part of the sewer system, some sort of refinery, is the actual target of the bombs, not the people nor the college. The terrorists just want it to seem evil and don't mind killing lots of people. The conveyors are mounted on moving platforms that can slide to straddle (above and below) the cafeteria where the bombs are. When the bombs go off, the people will die pretty quick and then the shock will hit the refining station, too.

The sewer system is arranged in a large cross with the longest segment devoted to the school. At the intersection is the target. At each of the other ends, the main tunnel has a end area with little doors. We explore the "north" end first and find a bathroom. Trying to find a way out, we rip up the drop ceiling and try to poke holes through vents but there's nothing, so we all try the other way. This is a lot roomier and has a hallway which is decorated like the animated "Yellow Submarine".

At the end of the hall is the entrance to a nature center and a child care area out a zoo. There is a shotgun mounted under "break in the event of emergency" glass on the right wall so we know there are big animals somewhere (which we can eat). This seems to be a relatively safe place to avoid the blast. We then notice two giant pandas and are scared, but then we realize they are animatronic.

We explore the center, since we've decided to stay there. There are all sorts of books and nature exhibits. My mom (who appeared out of nowhere) challenges me to a race with some little frogs in one display.

Then I wake up.

I played some board game with big bug-like aliens.. The meaning of the game was to win as much of credits as possible, and sometimes someone could win a piece of a cake as well. I didnt understand what the idea of getting some cake was, but I won two pieces of it during the game and ate both of them. They looked like the white stuff inside coconuts, but tasted way better. Anyway, when the game was over, we counted the credits, and piled the coins from 5cm to 2cm into own piles. One piece of the cake was left, and it was divided for each player, but I got a bigger slice because I had won. It appeared that the whole idea of the contest was about much more than just cake, instead this was to choose who became the new god to create a new universe beyond the known! For the departure I got to the alien spaceport, built on the moon of their planet with an artifical bubble of air around it. Instead of stepping into the ship, I hurled my luggage away from the walking paths with artifical gravity, and jumped at the luggage. The luggage opened into square of chromed pipe, and I floated into it. When I was halfway through it, the corners of the frame sealed against me, and purple fabric materialized around the pipes to form a cape. Everyone at the spaceport watched in amazement, but I dont remember what happened then..

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