Where I grew up, Auckland, New Zealand (Titirangi, actually), every single child went barefoot until about 12 or older. We prided ourselves on having tough dirty feet, and deplored the idea of shoes. I was barefoot until I was 10, at which point I moved to the USA. Instant shoe problem over here... With the exception of a few lost places (colleges, hi tech offices, parks), you are not presentable, possibly because cities at least are not a safe place for the 10 little piggies.

I make a point, when hiking, to always take some time to wash my feet, if the occasion occurs. In southeast asian countries, the washing of the feet is considered a standard offer "Tea, footbath?" This is highly refined, very pleasurable, and we could learn something from it.

Bare"foot (?), a. & adv.

With the feet bare; without shoes or stockings.


© Webster 1913.

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