Something that has me quite baffled. I suffer from the problem of over-analytical parents, both of them being Psychology graduates, and odd even before that.

Anyway, my mother has developed the above conviction. Her evidence?

  • I go barefoot whenever possible - this doesn't need explaining, damnit. It's just the most comfortable way to exist.
  • I enjoy showers of overlong duration - not due to masturbation (well, not usually), but because I love showers. The feeling of standing in a column of wet warmth is heavenly.
  • I usually take about 15 minutes drying myself after a shower - I put music on. I usually end up typing on IRC wearing only a towel. I take the time to dry my toes, or all sorts of fungal ick happens.
She now mentions this to me frequently. Not in a particularly critical way. More in a I-disapprove-of-it-but-I-want-to-seem-liberal way (see many a conversation between old-fashioned parents and homosexual offspring). Needless to say, this has added to my reasons I want to leave home.

That way, I can walk around naked without worrying about her seeing me.

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