I dreampt that all the non-factual nodes on e2 were nuked. Everything 2 Presidental Candidates for 2000 was among them, and I had a link to that off my homenode. Then someone ended up editing my homenode to say that I sucked, but it wasn't like DMan where they kicked him off.

That extra hour of sleep sure changes things.

I was at the beach burn in Assateague. There was a small copse of trees on the beach with one enormous tree in the center. I couldn't see the top of the tree. My boyfriend said there was a platform at the top, and that we should go up. There was a secret way to get to the top, which I now don't remember. People, some of which I knew, and some that I didn't, were in the tree in a series of rooms. His roommate was in bed with a terribly skeezy guy. This upset me. My boy dissappeared with some girl, and all of the sudden, I didn't know anyone. Then some guy sat down in the middle of the floor and started shooting up. Anything relating to heroin makes me very upset. This guy wasn't just shooting up either, he was repeatedly stabbing the needle into his arm. I fled to a corner and started screaming. I cried and screamed my boyfriend's name, but everyone ignored me. I could hear people in the other room laughing. I knew with my dream sense that he was fucking that girl. I closed my eyes and screamed until I couldn't any longer, but he never came back. When I opened my eyes, the skeezy guy was trying to convince my boyfriend's roommate to have tantric sex with him.

There was more, but I don't remember...

ro \ bot

  • Mr. Spock with his angel-costume daughter. He called her "my tinfoil girl" and asked her to meet him in back for a smoke.
  • A KFC commercial. I said "Yes, I realize it's all plastic, but I am still a vegetarian!" I don't think anyone in the room had provoked me, but I was offended by their attitudes. I ripped my toga down the side and stalked out of the room.
  • Four men floated past the couch and that meant they were dying. I pulled Tom Hanks back; I couldn't stand it.
  • We were in a room high off the ground with many other people but we could still share it and it was good.
  • driving round the parking lot AGAIN
  • the kid's humming was making me nuts and I asked him to stop, a couple of times. Dusik was mean to me and said I needed to be more firm. Firmness was not working, this kid was just a jackass. I took him to the closet to find a book and suddenly I was a boy, about twelve, in tears because I realized I could never have a baby and what were the odds of even finding the right girl to marry? Slim. I couldn't stand it.
  • relocate with edebroux to Wisconsin

~Fleeing down the linoleum aisle, they were after me. Rows and rows of computers burst violently shooting great flames of blood that sluiced and streamed surging lava like after me as if it had a life of it's own. Hiding in the darkness of the stairwell all sudden-like a small girls body slammed into my side with such great force. Her arms around me instinctively hugging each other in tremendous fear. We crept up and breathlessly peering between the steps from behind the staircase for the pursuers. Catching her hand I pulled her along then thrust her protectively forward down the stairs. Inky darkness and fear swallowed us. Bolting through the restaurant I recoginsed the lady with the perky nose and the middle aged gent with owl-like spectacles. We jumped into the car only to, ram, run, and plunge into the side of a tremendous sinkhole. Looking through my purse for idenification someone had put a card in there that said I was a lap dancer at a near by establishement. Desperatly glancing behind me, all my friends were gone...no one could vouch for me...that this was a lie! I'm a teacher Cuffed at the wrists, they led me back into the resaturant. The perky nosed lady sneered and spat,
I knew it all along!! while the bespectacled man hastily shoved his face in the menu and pretended not to know me.

~Remodeling the school Mr. Hood gave me some folding curtains to take home. Terry took her wallet out to show off pictures of her kids when they were toddlers. Out they sprang like holograms, impish with faces like Bajorans they danced around cherubically. I wished I had spent the money to get holographic pictures taken of my boys when they were small.

At first I was looking at a computer screen. More specifically all I could see was the screen, and all I could feel was the mouse. It was giving me instructions on how to play a game.

After a short while I started. I rolled my point of light over other points of light to score points. After I had scored enough points, like the instructions had said, several large red squares appeared in the center of the screen, along with some smaller squares which moved around leaving a wake of similarly sized squares. The instructions had said that I could score many points by rolling over the moving squares and their wake, and that I could score a lot more by rolling over the red squares.

Along with the squares came a word that was spelled "PASS", but I read it as "full" which I thought stood for full emersion (I don't know why). So I rolled over a small square, a large square, and finally over the word. In this level, rolling over the word lets you play a drawing game. I was having trouble at first, and then I realized that holding down a mouse button might help. So I drew for a while, and suddenly I became Doctor Who, and my mouse became a stylus. I was the 5th Doctor, and along with me were Tegan, Nyssa, and Adric. Nyssa and Adric asked for my stylus and to be allowed to go exploring, which they did. I stood there looking at the computer screen, not being able to do anything except explain to Tegan how likely it was for them to get lost, seeing as "one ship the size of a dozen is a lot more complex than a dozen ships the size of one", or something like that.

Sci-Fi Split

  • I'm part of a group that has rediscovered an old spaceship that crashed into our planet many years ago. When we finally get inside we are attacked, one by one, by a guard robot that looks like a huge mechanical dog (reminiscent of the guard robot dogs from Neal Stephenson's Snow Crash). I am the only one to survive because I play dead. Apparently, that's the proper behavior and the robot bows before me and gives me complete control over the ship. In fact, I am ordained as the new master of the ship, prince of the guards and android servants that appear from every direction. We take off and zoom into hyperspace.

  • On another planet, I (not the same I) have discovered an old spaceship and don't know how I should approach it. An identical ship descends from the sky and lands next to me. I am welcomed in by a prince and treated kindly by him and his servants. I ask about the other ship and he explains how I should go about dealing with the guard robot. He tells me that I'll be glad I followed his directions and gives me a sly smile. What a strange guy, that prince.

It's funny how in dreams some people are real people, and some are just characters.

What do you mean?

Like this one time a few days ago, I was out on a speedboat with Chris Choi, and the guy driving the boat was there, too, driving.


And last night, there was just this random girl.

In your room or in your dream?

In the dream.
Just a character, not anybody specific.
We were excavating some ancient ruins
And eventually we were alone together....
And the ancient sorcerer she was carving away at, well it started moving
And I just backed away
And it was so scary
And I didn't know whether to tell her about it

Did you?

No. I woke up
I mean, I knew she wouldn't end up being on my side
So I better fend for myself
But on the other hand
We had been, well, intimate.

You got it on with her in your dream?

So I felt kinda obliged to save her.

And you don't even know who she was??

Duh. She was the girl.

But you didn't save her
You just fucked her and left her there to die??

Haven't you ever seen an action movie?

Yeah...the hero saves the girl

Yeah. That's the role played by the girl
Anyway, I knew she was on the sorcerer's side
It was so weird looking at his eye move around.... and I could see the muscles and everything

Was she any good?

I've had better
In dreams, that is
She was just a big tease
But she sure enjoyed herself

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