At a museum. "Celebreties" were gathering from the far corners of the museum, assembling on the main platform in the west wing for some function being held there. They were really juvenile celebreties, by the way: folks like Willy Wonka and Big Bird and the ABC's and 123's. Each one came from their own native environment, in a separate room of the museum.

Went outside, among my family. Intricate murals covered the entire inner courtyard, depicting lovely pieces of fruit inside very museum-like rooms inside imaginary windows pressed upon by imaginary hands. The hands had grotesque veins running across them, and unexplainable light strips across the middle, where the "window" was supposedly open.

In one window was a dancing baby. It was very thin, in a window not much larger than itself. At first I was worried that it might fall, but then realized that this was the gift shop part of the museum, and someone had put the dancing baby on the windowsill as a practical joke.

I saw my dad and told him about the celebreties, joked that the highest prime number was there, hiding among the 123's. It could hide itself by combining all the numbers that came before it, so that the "gap" before a prime was determined by the number of composite numbers less than the previous prime. He didn't understand because he was drunk.

Cosmo Kramer knocked on Jerry Seinfeld's door and gave him a full shopping bag. He was finally going to start returning all the food he had borrowed from him through the years.

It's 4 in the morning.
I just woke up from this, and realized I had to node it.
Today was a good day for me. I finally broke the overwhelming noder's block that has stopped me from adding to the database for a week or two now. Every time I would go to add something, I would feel singularly uninspired, or that my contribution would be useless. So tonight, I finally broke that, and spewed out three nodes in rapid fire, one of which was C!ed. I then, guilt free, read a great deal of the recent nodes by some of my favorite users. The recent New York noder gathering was read about in great detail. I love noder gatherings. I mention these details as they pertain to my dream a great deal.

Right. So, in my dream, I'm just coming out of a large bathroom in a penthouse suite in a New York Hotel. I don't know how I knew it was a New York penthouse suite, I just did. I had to wash my hands, because I'd gotten some cheese whiz on them. The New York noders were holding a gala event in this suite, with Noders from all up and down the east coast there to celebrate their E2 fellowship. For some reason, however, a large portion of the west coast contingent was there as well, including myself, prole, sparky, flamingweasel, pukesick, ideath, mojoe, Pseudo_Intellectual, and icicle, just to name a few.

Now, here's the weird part. Y'see, all those people I just listed, I happen to have met. So I know what they look like. I've never met nor seen any pictures of the east coast noders. So, all the east coast noders were eerily mutated versions of the west coast noders. StAB looked like a wierd icicle/ideath polymorph. nocode was a bizarre mojoe lookalike with flamingweasel's build and P_I's beard. You don't want to know what yossarian looked like. P_I kept asking nocode what he was wearing his beard for. At this point, I realized what was going on (as I sometimes have a tendency to do in dreams) and decided to make the most of it before I woke up. I went over to the buffet and got myself a glass of stout. I'm not 21 yet, you see. Then I woke up.

If this dream seems too linear to you, pity me for my ultra-linear, strangely logical nightmares. My "I'm stuck on an Alien infested ship with my pathological fear of parasites and no Sigourney Weaver" dream was enough to make me stay awake for 24 hours.

uhh...sleep again calls...


I was visiting a far-distant tribe who, before their recent contact with Western civilization, wore absolutely no clothes at all. They said the missionaries who visited were always too...distracted.

The women all wore these full blue dresses,
and the men wore considerably less
But the beautiful girl made an exception for me
turning the garment down so I could see
unobstructed, her excellent breasts
laughing at my discomfort

Clearly Final Fantasy IX induced, by the low polygon count.

We were just starting a big discussion about humans while we headed upwards, when suddenly there was a disturbance--a giant worm (as in 'earthworm', not as in 'dragon') sprouted from the earth below and began menacing the four humans who were on the ground!

I attacked with my magic,
hitting the worm and the humans alike
(I suppose, at this point, I was not on their side)
My companion exhorted me
to not be hot-headed
since we must work together
to defeat evil.


I was Mouse's roommate. Only, apparently he didn't like to be. I walked in and found his stuff all spare like most of it was gone, and a bunch of people standing around. I fervently hoped they had not gone through my computer. I asked, jokingly, whether he was moving out. But of course he was.


When you can't use the restroom for lack of privacy, apparently you go wherever you can. So there I was in the laundry room, pissing into the washing machine and really doing a messy job of it, not only because of the strategics of trajectory and all that but also because I kept thinking someone was coming.

When I came out, half wet all over, I ran to an actual bathroom to clean up, stripping down and washing off. Unfortunately this bathroom is the one that adjoins my mother's bedroom. She starts opening the door!

"GO AWAY!" I try to force the door shut, but she still tries to come in. I tell her I'm not dressed, she doesn't seem to care. I manage to get the door shut and lock it, but she comes in through the closet, which for some obscene, obscure reason also connects from her room to the bathroom. And she begins talking! Good mercy! And what she has to say isn't even important. *grhwrr*

I dreamt that I was hired to work part time for the federal government. The program may have been affiliated with the U of C. I first was the subject for some experiments. They shrunk me down very small, and I was in a special version of a level that looked like my bathroom at home. There were clear, small streams running down the walls, so I ran up them (they were slanted; they were a bright blue-green and looked like kielbasa halves). There was a giant black pipe that ran all over the door, and I was trying to get to that because it was a bonus and it seemed like it would be a lot of fun to slide down (although it was deep enough that I probably would have broken my neck; I thought of it as a wind tunnel) but the entrance was too high up and I couldn't reach it.

I was later part of another experiment that made me too large. There was all sorts of concern, and I saw a newspaper article that said to pray for the test subject. People either went home for the night or off for a holiday. I wasn't enjoying sitting hunched over in what was for me a small room, so I did what I couldn't understand why they hadn't--shrank myself down and then brought myself back to normal.

Everyone came back, and the good supervisor woman and the tech guy who turned out to be the security guy who was Craig, someone I know, were amazed and happy, although I'm pretty sure Craig was the one left in the complex while everyone else left for vacation. In happiness we ran a lap around the track that surrounded the inside of the building. Then we went downstairs to celebrate, so I missed the chance to present myself and say "ha" to the evil accounting-type woman who didn't understand that people weren't numbers and procedures. We went down to Craig's office, where by looking at the numbers of computer security manuals lying around, I realized he was the computer security guy. Somehow paychecks came up and I said I should check up on that and Craig asked me if I were an intern or a full-time employee. I said I had been hired as a part-time employee. I noticed some U of C course manuals, so I glanced at them. They all looked like this year's, even though one was from '53 and the others were from various years. I asked when we were getting next year's, and they said soon. I asked, "but in time for me to choose my courses", to remind them that I was also a student as well.

And now another collection to the very random dreams I have.

It started off where I was going up a long ramp, it was dark grey and almost black. I was looking through some kind of screen so it was looking more darker than it actually was. I was with my friends Neil and Sean. We all had guns and were walking through this high up skysccraper type place where there were robots with tracks. We were shooting all the robots with our guns, aiming with a green type target that you see in computer games. The ones that lock onto an object if you get it on target.

We eventually crawled through a tunnel that was like an air vent. We could hear the soldiers chasing us from behind so we had to move fast. As we were going along we were shooting them and those infront. We eventually came to a steel door that was small and the same height and width as a cross section of the air vent. We opened it and clambered through, into a largish arena type room. It was tiled blue like a bathroom, rectangular and had an audiance. We were ordered to line up against the wall so we were facing the people. They all had guns and there were lots of them. There was a row at the bottom at our level and a balcony at the top, they were partially covered by a wall. I was on the left, then Neil to my right and then Sean after him.

An order was shouted ... 'If you want to survive, then you must fight!' We knew immediately what to do. The three of us raised our weapons and started shooting into the crowds. Mowing people down, with blood splattering out. They tried to defend themselves by shooting back, but failed. Eventually the fighting stopped and a girl walked out from the doors we had entered through. She pointed at me and said 'him'. We both walked through some large doors into a large room, it was a sports hall with a big basketball court in. She had challenged me to a basket ball duel, my old P.E teacher was there (about 5 years ago was the last time I saw him). He was the judge, I impressed everyone by jumping up to the roof and touching it clean with the palm of my hand, the girl tried the same but failed. She was better at me at the basketbal however and I lost.

Then later on I found myself walking into a big colloseum, Sean and Neil were already there, so I sat next to Sean. I looked at him and he farted, he laughed as a man behind him scowled at him. We were here to watch some kind of show, but it never started .. so Sean walked off and a few minutes later he came back with a box, it was about the size of an a4 folder... it had a label on the side. It was one of the most recognised labels of a chocolate manufacture ever... they made the best chocolate imaginable. He then walked out again and came back in a few seconds later, with one of the 4 sides (excluding the top and bottom) covered in gold... the audience was wowed.. but it was obvious what he had done and i couldnt understand it. He did the same again but a different side .. and so forth until all 4 sides were covered. The audiance was gobsmacked at how wonderful he was. Then I woke up

Dream Technology

  • I've been accused of committing some socially-unacceptable crime, perhaps drug possession, and I'm being put down by my girlfriend's grandparents while I deny any wrongdoing. At last I leave the house and end up at my old college dorm. I figure out that I'm being chased by someone, perhaps the authorities, so I run randomly through the building in an attempt to evade my pursuers.

  • I arrive at a large house on a hill that resembles my girlfriend's house. I think I am house-sitting this place with my friends and girlfriend. Over the course of the next couple of hours, we discover and begin to use this technology which I can only describe as dream-matter. That is, inside the dream, we discover a dream-like technology: matter which can be made into any object or given any function. Along with Genery, my friends Matt, Allison, Mario and others, we create a huge hot tub and start soaking. I make a stereo that will not only play any song I desire, but will improvisationally extend the song with new arrangements and re-mixes, in realtime. I ask it to play Radiohead and it complies by playing something which sounded like it was off Kid A and performed by Radiohead but was an entirely new piece of music. Eventually the party's over and everyone goes home. I fly off the mountain a few times for kicks.
The "technology" from this dream was really just lucid dreaming powers manifested as a useable object in the dream space. It was not a lucid dream, but those powers of reality control were immanent in the dream plot.

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