Penthouse used to be one of the best men's magazines in the world. Even stores like Waldenbooks and Barnes and Noble that wouldn't normally sell porn would sell Penthouse, and lots of young teenage boys (including your humble narrator) got their first glimpses of a woman's nether regions by buying (or stealing) the mag from a clerk who would look the other way.

Then a few years ago Penthouse started getting really weird. It started when they started to show penises full-on, which Penthouse NEVER did. All things considered, I didn't really mind that. Then they started showing penetration--a girl would have her fingers or a dildo just inside. I didn't mind that either, and I remember staring at the first penetration shot trying to figure out if that's where the girl's finger really was or if she just had it tucked under her palm somehow. A few years later, they started showing watersports, which I could handle, although I started thinking that young teenage boys probably shouldn't see it anymore. Then the pictorials started getting REALLY weird, with women in all sorts of bizarre costumes and makeup, and icky things happening with Pinocchio masks. It was so weird that it wasn't erotic at all anymore, and I gave up buying it.

  • Pictorials: 4-5 (which is another problem...)
  • Girls: airbrushed, fake
  • Penetration: lots; dildo, fingers, penis, other stuff
  • Lesbian: one or two pictorials per issue
  • Guy/Girl: 0-1 pictorials per issue
  • Group: 0-1 per issue
  • Fetish: watersports, lots of other weird kinky stuff
know_no_bounds's rating: * *

Pent"house` (?), n. [A corruption of pentice.]

A shed or roof sloping from the main wall or building, as over a door or window; a lean-to. Also figuratively.

"The penthouse of his eyes."

Sir W. Scott.

<-- 2. An apartment at the top of a building. It is often the most luxuriously appointed apartment, and is thus used as a metaphor for luxurious living. -->


© Webster 1913.

Pent"house`, a.

Leaning; overhanging.

"Penthouse lid." Shak. "My penthouse eyebrows." Dryden.


© Webster 1913.

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