Brought a suit against Clinton which was summarily thrown out. Legally funded with help from Richard Mellon Scaife, who also bankrolled the Specator's Arkansas Project.

She is the "Paula" of David Brock's now-discredited Arkansas Trooper piece. Her sexual-harassment lawsuit against Bill Clinton (backed and hyped by the usual suspects) was thrown out of court, but it opened Pandora's Box, and led, in time, to all the impeachment hysterics. Now she has a new nose and house. Have the lawyers been paid? I thought it was pro bono. She's now associated with Jack Gordon, LaToya Jackson's ex-husband/manager. The "old" Paula was featured in Penthouse.

Jones' claim was that while she worked as a hotel manager, Bill Clinton lured her into his hotel room and exposed himself to her. She claimed that the resulting mental anguish prevented her from doing her job at the hotel, which was not borne out by her measurable productivity before and after Clinton's visit.

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