Singer-songwriter originally from Ithaca, NY. Has released 3 albums: 1993's Harbinger, 1996's This Fire, and 1999's Amen. Best known from her 1997 hits "Where Have All The Cowboys Gone?" and "I Don't Want To Wait" which was co-opted as the theme song for the hit WB drama Dawson's Creek (Paula herself is a WB recording artist.) She also performed backing vocals on Peter Gabriel's Secret World Live tour and has toured with Lilith Fair.

She has an incredibly powerful voice and can put together a good tune. She's also an excellent live performer--I saw her open for Sarah McLachlan once, and met her at a WXPN singer-songwriter festival. She had a habit of tapping out the beat on her thigh, and was wearing shorts at this event, which exposed a huge bruise from where she had been doing this, probably for months.

I think I liked her first album the best, the second one has some better individual songs, and the third one is still very good, but straying away from the things I like the most. Worth getting anyway.

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