Dream Technology

  • I've been accused of committing some socially-unacceptable crime, perhaps drug possession, and I'm being put down by my girlfriend's grandparents while I deny any wrongdoing. At last I leave the house and end up at my old college dorm. I figure out that I'm being chased by someone, perhaps the authorities, so I run randomly through the building in an attempt to evade my pursuers.

  • I arrive at a large house on a hill that resembles my girlfriend's house. I think I am house-sitting this place with my friends and girlfriend. Over the course of the next couple of hours, we discover and begin to use this technology which I can only describe as dream-matter. That is, inside the dream, we discover a dream-like technology: matter which can be made into any object or given any function. Along with Genery, my friends Matt, Allison, Mario and others, we create a huge hot tub and start soaking. I make a stereo that will not only play any song I desire, but will improvisationally extend the song with new arrangements and re-mixes, in realtime. I ask it to play Radiohead and it complies by playing something which sounded like it was off Kid A and performed by Radiohead but was an entirely new piece of music. Eventually the party's over and everyone goes home. I fly off the mountain a few times for kicks.
The "technology" from this dream was really just lucid dreaming powers manifested as a useable object in the dream space. It was not a lucid dream, but those powers of reality control were immanent in the dream plot.