Con`tri*bu"tion (?), n. [L. contributio: cf. F. contribution.]


The act of contributing.


That which is contributed; -- either the portion which an individual furnishes to the common stock, or the whole which is formed by the gifts of individuals.

A certain contribution for the poor saints which are at jerusalem. Rom. xv. 26.

Aristotle's actual contributions to the physical sciences. Whewell.

3. Mil.

An irregular and arbitrary imposition or tax leved on the people of a town or country.

These sums, . . . and the forced contributions paid by luckless peasants, enabled him to keep his straggling troops together. Motley.

4. Law

Payment, by each of several jointly liable, of a share in a loss suffered or an amount paid by one of their number for the common benefit.


© Webster 1913.

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