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Yon picture is Muke's turtle character Jason Westman.

You must realize
how seriously bent a place this world is

(Veni O Oriens, Veni O Radix Jesse Veni O Emmanuel)
Disperse the gloomy clouds of night
from depths of hell thy people save
that mourn in lonely exile here!

Bring an end to the tragedy that is this world,
burn the evils of this world,
light the darknesses of this world,
and Lord haste the day when my faith shall be sight
and these corruptible will put on incorruption,
and these mortals, immortality

Let the stars fall from the sky,
Let the sky fall to the ground,
Let the world come crashing down,
I am going home to cry...

I am calling out to you, my friend whom I have not yet met...

Am I famous yet?
Fortune cookie says: "Others look up to you."
Fortune cookie says: "Someone is watching you from afar."
Fortune cookie says: "You will soon bring joy to someone." bed

icq: 1936556 aim: Muke Turtle

What's a Muke? Muke is you!

OED says:

Obs. forms of meek a., muck n.1 says:

The Muke (Moo-kay): A long, decorative spear. Typically, the muke is two feet taller than its wielder, and is not intended for throwing. Tipped with razor obsidian and serrated with shark teeth, it can be a fearsome weapon, most often used to keep a dangerous animal at bay. In formation, it becomes deadly. Each hunter makes his own muke, which symbolizes his initiation into the group. says:

This is Muke (rhymes with Luke) She's my sweet, little gray-blue kitty! Everybody likes her because she's very affectionate! I also adopted her from the Humane society, she had been picked up as a stray so no one truly knew how old she was! Well I was lucky that day, see it was Muke's first day for adoption so I took her, how could I resist a cat who rolls over! Well boy did I get a deal that day 2 for 1, yep she was pregnant with one little kitten! That kitten or should I say cat is now living with one of my friends! says:

Hotel Muke
Herrenstr. 16
Ravensburg 88212
Tel: +49 751 36980
Price: $US 27 to $US 87 says:

Muke is one of the rare Purple Alibonians, a species just like Ozzy's, but purple and equipped with three eyes. (The other two eyes are on the tips of his antennae.)

Weight: 100 lbs.
Special abilities: Muke can regenerate lost tentacles and antennae.
Age: 317
Species: Purple Alibonian.
Homeworld: Gishgigox. says:

Muke is a light green monster. His eyes are on a long tube of blubber atach to his head. He has 4 leg that have super boncing power. He has 2 arms with small hands. His hands each have 2 fingers with balls on the end whitch have a sticky, runny goop that helps him grip. If you are looking for the muke, he leaves sticky finger prints where ever he goes. says:

>EG11252 mukE Involved in chromosome partioning, null mutants die above 30C 
              and produce some anucleate cells at permissive temperatures Length=678
TAA says:

The Hawaiians were well aware that each lunar cycle included 29.5 days but they used a thirty-day month. A new moon, Hilo, (Zepelinokalokuokamaile, 1, p. 195) appears on the evening of the thirtieth day and again on Muke, the first day of the new month (which lasts for only the diurnal period). Muke means cut short; Muke lasts only about twelve hours instead of twenty-four and the second day of the month beings only a half of a day after the beginning of the new month.

Someday I'll come back and haunt you, just as sure as you're haunting me now.

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