A very funny furry anime series. In Japan, Kyattou Ninden Teyandee.

The Samurai Pizza Cats are a team of pizza delivery cats who fight crime. The heroes, according to the theme song:

There's Speedy Cerviche, he's the leader of the bunch.
A heck of a fighter makes a heck of a lunch.
And little Polly Ester who's never afraid
of going into battle when the bad guys invade.
Here's Guido Anchovis, a wild romantic rover,
This cat gets down, down with a love hangover!

And the villains:

The Big Cheese is the villain, who's lower than low.
It's a rotten shame he lives in Little Tokyo.
We've got a nasty Bad Bird and some nasty Ninja Crows.
As soon as someone finds the script
We might begin the show!

The usual plot involves the villains trying to take over Little Tokyo. The Pizza Cats discover the scheme and commence standard battle sequence:

  1. The cats jump into the pizza ovens
  2. They go through the obligatory anime transformation sequence, in which they end up looking exactly the same as beforehand
  3. They get shot out of a giant gun attached to the top of their pizza place
  4. "Mama-san" and her kid (bit characters) make sarcastic comments made about the Cats while they're flying through the air
  5. Fight the giant mecha-of-the-week
  6. Speedy pulls out his "maaaaaaaaaaaagical ginsu sword" and cuts the mecha-of-the-week exactly in half.

The show is fun and doesn't take itself seriously. It's an endless conga line of puns and jokes. Some examples, from "The Nuclear Potato":

Mama-san, what do they call that thing they shoot the cats out of?
I'm not sure, but I think they call it a catapult.
Boy, I'm glad I didn't have to say that line...

Is this the end of the Pizza Cats? After only seven episodes?

Okay, get camera three in place for the Ginsu-sword sequence. Let's have a big finish!
Even though it was Spritz the Cat who defeated the robots and saved the day, Speedy's the hero who negotiated the lucrative merchandising deal for the Pizza Cats Running Shoes, T-Shirts, Lunchboxes and Executive Desk Sets. So we have a contractual commitment to make a big fuss over him like this in every episode. Bear with us, folks, it's big business...

A great show, marred only by the ugly fact that it isn't being shown anymore.

Actually, the main character's name is spelled, "Speedy Service," with the last name pronounced "Ser-VEE-chay," as a sort of a pun (Italian spelling/pronunciation).
I sent a message to Muke several months ago mentioning this to him, and never got a reply... normally, I wouldn't make a one-sentence write-up correcting someone else.

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