If there were a pantheon of sausages, the kielbasa would be a secondary God, certainly, but one which garnered the most passionate and committed disciples amongst the people.

The glorious kielbasa is a pork, veal, and beef mixture, medium chopped, with added pork fat, salt, pepper, marjoram, allspice, crushed cloves, and garlic.. Consuming a kielbasa, hot and slick with fragrant fat, you could be imagining that all of the major food groups exist in harmony in this sausage, and that the Gods are pleased.

Kielbasa also makes an excellent finger food, when grilled and served under toothpicks.

The largest kielbasa ever recorded weighed 600 pounds, and was made by the Chicopee Manufacturing Co, Ltd., in Chicopee, Massachusetts.

research sources include the Chicopee Manufacturing Co, Ltd., Free Recipes, and The Cook's Thesaurus

Kielbasa is the polish word for sausage. Taken in the root language, it does not imply any specific form of preparation or ingredients, though it remains, generally speaking, damn tasty.

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