I dreamed I was spock. Dr. McCoy was holding up an alien book (we were in a generic alien brown cave) which I was using my tricorder to photograph, page by painfully slow page. I was incredibly irritated that no one realized that it would take me only a few seconds to set up the tricorder to capture the entire cavern in three dimensions and in better detail in less time, but chose to seethe silently. later on, possibly on the Enterprise, rowan and stephen price, dressed in funny robes, were looking for something. I don't know what.

today I dreamed joe was wearing a ridiculous hat.

- / +

For the first time in a good while, a true what-were-those-mushrooms-I-ate-last-night dream.

Two of my IRC buddies were chasing me and a third IRC friend inside a big warehouse. I'm not sure what we had done to them, but it was obvious this was a serious situation and we were running for our lives.
We locked ourselves in a little room and started to find a way out. I discovered a tiny window and proceeded to break it and pick away all the pieces of glass so we wouldn't cut ourselves. I managed to squeeze myself out to the roof, but unfortunately my comrade was caught.
The warehouse was facing a small town square, with lots of people around. Figuring I was safe, I climbed down from the roof and started heading towards the edge of town.
Suddenly, one of the guys previously chasing us performed a sneak attack on me, having disguised himself as a woman (!). He pinned me down, so I had to kick him twice on the balls to free myself.

I escaped to the forests surrounding the town. After spending a while on exile, I started to feel sorry about having to kick a friend of mine to the nuts. Even when it was just self defence. So, I decided to return in order to apologize.
While walking through a parking lot, I met my grandmother. She started asking me strange questions about drugs. While attempting to answer her as best as I could, I spotted the friend I had battled with walking by. I apologized to him about the violence, but he assured me it wasn't a problem. Infact, he showed me a bunch of singles he had recorded while I was away, one of them telling about the incident between the four of us. It had apparently been a chart-topping hit and earned him lots of $$$. He laughed, saying I couldn't have any of it although I inspired the lyrics.
Some friend, huh? :)

i was standing outside a toys'r'us, waiting for it to reopen after renovations. i think i was waiting with tricia. we went inside, and i lit up a cigarette, for some reason. as i stubbed it out on the ground, i looked up at the ceiling for cameras. the pyramid-like ceiling was probably 200 feet high at it's peak with one camera in the center of it. i laughed about that then noticed the in-store music was provided by hundreds of tiny yellow "sport" radios tied to the ceiling.

now, i'm at the beach. i'm there with tricia, my mom, kevin, emily, and one of emily's friends, i believe. we're sitting really close to the water and just as my mom mentions high tide, a big wave comes and knocks us all under. as i tumble under the water, something grabs my feet. i look down and see that i'm tangled in a red parachute. the water recedes then barrels into us again. this time, i grab ahold of the parachute and start dragging. it's opening up and catching all the water and sand, making it insanely difficult to move. tricia grabs ahold of it, too, and we manage to drag it out. just as we get it out the water, she says, "listen. the ocean's completely calm now." and it was. i turned back and noticed something else floating in the water. it was a term paper some kid did on himself (there was a picture of him affixed to the cover sheet) that somehow remained dry while floating through the ocean. the only thing inside the paper were club flyers.

I and one of my friends took over a house, and kept its inhabitants as hostages. When cops arrived, I shouted them our demands: "We want a car in front of the house, and no one must follow us! Oh yeah, you must also get a large picture of a fox on the side of the car!" After a while, we got a white pickup with a big fox sticker on its door in front of the house, so we went in and took the hostages with us. We drove away, left the hostages, and I told my plan.. We were going for a fortress in the forest, but I dont remember what was going to be idea about then. My friend asked if the fortress had good nets, but I didnt quite get it so I just said its made from pure steel. He asked if I'm crazy, as plain metal fortress would show far wherever it is. Now I understood that he meant camourflage nets, so I laughed and told him that it doesnt matter how easily they see the fortress, but I decided to stop the car because there was a man with a huge, colorful hat standing on the side of the road. He told that his bike was in front of a house, and he had lost his keys, but I knew he was lying. Sure, because I knew this thief, and this was just a hint that he needed some help with the lock. I promised to help him, as he would pay me for it, but while I was messing with the bike, the door of the nearby house opened. We jumped behind the storage building outside, but then I noticed that there were lots of people sitting on benches looking at us, so we stood up pretty ashamed and walked to my car..

Something... Brody was listening to me. He still wouldn't speak, but he was listening. I thought I was over this shit, damnit! No idea what I said and it wouldn't make any difference anyway.

Something's going to break soon...

I was on the receiving end of tech support and things on my desktop were speaking to me, jumping and moving and changing colour. The clock (an analog one, circular and in the centre of the screen) was going crazy and spinning randomly. I clicked everything and closed my eyes.

The ambiguous tech support person - They seemed so familiar - told me that they could "point" to things on my desktop to aid me as they spoke, by remotely setting the clock, like a compass. This seemed like the best idea i'd ever heard, at the time. An enlightenment of truly epic proportions. It didn't occur to me, in the dreamstate, that the clock was wasting valuable screen real estate or that, if they could control my computer remotely, they could just fix whatever was wrong themselves. Hail to the guru.

I felt so helpless. I was a user.

In retrospect, they might have been changing time itself, but I have no idea how and it wouldn't quite work right.

Kinda overkill, too... Messing with space-time to solve one little problem...

Spa Tripping

  • First, a replay of last night's waking events. I go to an outdoor spa resort with group of about 25 college kids. This is Santa Cruz, so a lot of us get naked. Mostly older kids, but there are a few brave frosh in the bunch. We chill out in the huge hot tub and I go back and forth between the sauna and the cold pool.

  • Second, a rerun of the same dream except with a plot twist: I'm sitting with my friend Ali when someone offers me a jar of honey. He tells me it has peyote in it. I down the whole jar. Later on, after we leave the spa and I'm driving home, my field of vision begins to swim and blur. Everything leaves multi-colored tracers and I pull over as massive hallucinations envelope me.
I'm on at the beach or something (location didn't seem to be important). I got into my hotel room to see my boyfriend having sex with fellow vacationer. Upset, I go to the bar in the top floor of the hotel, where I have a couple drinks and speak with a man who introduces himself as "Dave." He looks oddly familiar. After a few minutes of talking, I suddenly recognize him. "You're David Gilmour!" He continues to comfort me and flies me back home in his private jet.

I am unhappily awakened by the sound of someone pounding the wall in the apartment nextdoor.

Back in wonderland, I am backstage at a Pink Floyd concert with Dave. Dressed in black, I am one of the backup singers for the show. My boyfriend from the beginning of the dream storms backstage to "rescue" me, feeling horrible for what he had done (I had happily forgotten). Dave has his bodyguards throw him out on his ass. I'm in heaven.

We are hiding in the rustedout car frame, we are sitting at an angle, the seats sag under us and the broken door hangs open in the air. What are we balanced on top of, and how long will it hold? Everything smells of warm rust.   We have been here silent a long time.   A dog barks in the distance and I wonder whose it is, and how far away. Shhh, I say, no one is looking for us but we do not want to be found.

That smile.. That face.. Those eyes.. I'm running for my life. Running down a hall, running down the street, running away. I run. The laughter cuts through me like a dentist drill. I can't run any longer. I hide. I hide from the phone calls, the long late night conversations. I hide inside of myself. I close myself off to the outside. She frowns. I smile. Peace and quiet, for now anyway.

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