A cigarette is an efficient delivery vehicle for the drug nicotine, derived from tobacco. The smoke from cigarettes may cause lung cancer or emphysema. The cigarettes themselves cause various forms of hysteria in many people who never smoke them. Just as the nicotine is addictive, the hysteria seems equally so.

If you are a smoker and want to quit, here is my suggestion: Quit smoking all the ones that taste like shit. Every time you light one up, take a couple of drags and then ask yourself, "Does this taste good?"

If your experience is like mine, you will find that there are very few cigarettes each day that really taste good. Mine are the two or three that I smoke with coffee in the morning. The next one that tastes good is the one after dinner each night. So, for several years now, I smoke three or four cigarettes a day. If that kills me, then I'll be glad to thank them for their great taste for all these years.

What I've noticed during these lean cigarette years is all the people smoking who are hating the taste. You can see that look on the face of the girl in the car next to you at two in the afternoon who is smoking 'cause she's pissed off at her boyfriend. You see the guys at the bar smoking one after another 'cause they think alcohol makes them smoke. You even see people smoking on a hot summer day when they are already burning up; you've just got to know that this is the worst one of all.

I know it's a bad habit and you want your little buddy in your hand. In fact, buying a pack is sort of like picking up twenty little friends at the store, isn't it? But try chewing gum or chewing on a toothpick instead. Being considered a redneck beats having lung cancer in fact.

A cigarette is the ultimate sex symbol, the most visible proof of sexual confidence, the indisputable hallmark of a true Diva.

A cigarette is a coyly displayed phallic manifestation of my innermost desires, it is my cry to the world - "despite all, I am alive (and wearing black lace panties)!", it is the ultimate come-hither.

A cigarette is my pledge to never submit to corporation propaganda, to political power mongering, to information witten and re-written as times dictate, to factlesness, to greed.

A cigarette is the fabricated demon of a century obsessed with survival, tittering as it is on the brink of self extermination. It is a defiant stand of those who believe that their freedom to live must extend to their freedom to die.

According to Mark Twain, "Quitting smoking is easy. I've done it fifty times."

But in between, when people walk up and start proselytizing at you all the reasons you should quit, simply tell them

"That's OK, they're prescription."

They will either laugh or be puzzled -- and you will have time to finish your dose.
from "Bringing Out The Dead". Thanks to DanHibiki for finally giving me the source of the quote.

Here's what a cigarette is to me:

The ultimate Turn-off

No matter how interesting, how charming, how perfect a girl is, as soon as she put's a cigarette in her mouth, that's it. No more romantic thoughts whatsoever. Some people like smoking girls, think of them as sexy, even mysterious. Not me. I somehow can't bring myself to love a smoker, best they can get is friends. A lot of my best friends smoke, and I don't judge them, or try to convert them, accepting them as they are, but not love. And when dating, smoking is the surest way to make sure we become just friends.

Even if they quit, the oblong whitish image lingers in my mind for a very long time. It is not the thought of dying of secondary smoke; it is not the thought of licking an ashtray when kissing, I can't really say what I is that really turns me off. I often regretted this, when I really liked someone, and felt she liked me back, maybe even more. But then, the smoke appears, something clicks, and it's all over. So the fact remains: I can only love non-smokers...


The Cigarette Metanode

"Smoke 'em If You Got 'em"

Cigarettes and cigarette smoking. It's a huge part of society. It's also a huge part of the nodespace here at e2. There are countless nodes about cigarettes, smoking cigarettes, quitting smoking, and cigarette culture in general. Millions of Americans alone are smokers. I myself am a casual smoker. There's something almost fetishistic about the cigarette, something mysterious and very powerful. Something powerfull enough, I thought, to be worthy of a metanode.

The Basics

Cigarette HOWTOs

Cigarette Manufacturers (Big Tobacco)

Cigarette Brands

Cigarette Accesories

There's a ritual surrounding smoking, and ever good ritual needs its talisman and fetish

Not Quite Cigarettes

The cigarette, like any other poweful icon, has inspired several knockoffs and lookalikes.

Songs About Cigarettes

Cigarettes Concepts, Things, and Ideas

Prose and Cigarettes

Cigarettes have long been heavily used in art and literature. They can usefull and powerfull literary devices, as Cigarette Smokers In Fiction points out. Our own noders have busily created and noded prose about and involving cigarettes. Several nodes here border the line between informative and art, and I've listed them here as a sourd of found art.

As always, message me if you need to bitch, or a have a suggestion, or want a node added.

Cig`a*rette" (?), n. [F. cigarette.]

A little cigar; a little fine tobacco rolled in paper for smoking.


© Webster 1913.

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