Liggett Group Inc. is the fifth largest cigarette manufacturer in the United States. They currently have about a 2% market share. Liggett Group is one of the Big Tobacco companies that entered into the Master Settlement Agreement that was intended to settle all unresolved lawsuits in the U.S.

Liggett Group Inc. is an indirect subsidiary of Vector Group Ltd., traded on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol VGR. Vector Group also owns Vector Tobacco.

Liggett got its start in 1981 manufacturing generic cigarettes in white packages labelled in black only as "Cigarettes". In 1988 they were the first major company to offer a branded economy cigarette -- Pyramid. Now they have a vast array of discount and premium brands:

In 1999 Liggett Group sold its trademarks for the L&M, Chesterfield, and Lark brands. In 2001 they introduced Eve 100's and Jade menthol cigarettes in an attempt to compete in the premium cigarette market. The Jade boxes and soft packs have a unique holographic packaging.

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