A device used in creating real barbecue. Known for transfoming inexpensive, tough cuts of meat into tender morsels of heaven on earth.

Common meats used in a smoker include beef brisket, pork shoulder or ribs, and chicken.

Smokers are traditionally fired by aromatic hardwood such as mesquite or hickory but may be fueled by propane or even electricity with the addition of chunks of wood to provide the smoke.

Smok"er (?), n.


One who dries or preserves by smoke.


One who smokes tobacco or the like.


A smoking car or compartment. [U. S.]


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Smok"er (?), n.

A gathering for smoking and social intercourse. [Colloq.]

That evening A Company had a "smoker" in one of the disused huts of Shorncliffe Camp.
Strand Mag.


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