One of the superpowers a smoker aquires after he or she becomes addicted to his or her habit. This enables said smoker to finish a cigarette in under five minutes, generally in about three or four. This is, of course, dependent on what sort of cigarettes are being smoked. American Spirits, power-lunged, could probably take as little as half an hour to finish.

Power-lunging is typically done while on some sort of break. It is common among retail employees, high school students, Greyhound passengers, and those in a position of needing nicotine who, due to social stigmas, are granted no break to indulge and are thus forced to smoke a cigarette in the same amount of time it takes to go to the bathroom.

Power-lunging is done out of necessity, rather than a predilection toward smoking really really fast. The practice, while it is an effective method of delivering carbon monoxide to oxygen choked cells, is not an enjoyable one. It hurts ones throat, and the build up of heat in the mouth, not given time to cool off between drags, has a negative impact on the cigarette's taste.

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