Nat Sherman, Inc. -- a tobacconist at Fifth Avenue, New York, established in 1930. Known for quality virginia tobacco cigarettes.

I favor "A Hint of Mint". They also make: "A Touch of Clove" and "Fantasia Lights" to name a few of their more distinctive cigarettes.

From the inside of a Nat Sherman box:

The year 1930 was the height of a Golden Age. It was also the year Nat Sherman began making luxurious cigarettes for his demanding clientele. Three generations later, our family persists in crafting cigarettes of only 100% pure and natural tobacco --- without chemicals or additives of any kind. We know from long experience it's the only way of making the richest, most satisfying smoke in the world.

I could kill for a pack of MCD Lights right now.

Widely considered to be the finest tobacconist in America. They generally cost a few dollars more than the average pack, but the reason is evident once one experiences the quality that is Nat Sherman.

They come in a cigarette case style cardboard box, with ten cigarettes laying flat, then a little card with information about the company and a catalog, then ten more cigarettes on top of that. This is covered with a piece of celephane which parts parallel to the contents at the top of the pack.

The Nat Sherman Classic is by far the strongest cigarette worth smoking in the United States. Even the most avid of smoker will get a nicotine buzz off their first Classic. The Sherman Lights are a very nice contrast with a similar distinctive flavor, but without the lung-destroying tendencies.

The interesting thing about the Hint of Mint and Touch of Clove flavors is that rather than mixing things in with the tobacco itself there is a chamber of crystals in the filter. The crystals are soaked with either mint oil or clove oil and the flavor is imparted upon the smoke as it passes through them. This adds a much milder, but distinct, smooth flavor to the cigarette.

Overall, if you want a good American cigarette, go with a Sherman.

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