For Haagen-Daaz or Ben and Jerry's addicts who feel no shame over shoplifting, a useful trick for snagging a couple of pints from your local convenience store chain is the following:
    Pick up a 64 oz. cup from soft drink dispenser area.
    Go to Ice cream freezer.
    Open door so it blocks surveillance camera. If possible, allow door to frost up.
    Drop two pints of favoured ice cream in cup.
    Return to Soft drink dispenser and fill the rest of the cup with ice.
    Cover with lid.
    Pay for 'drink'.
    Enjoy ice cream, remember to share.

i realized a few days after writing above, that 64oz has got to be way too big (i live in the uk now, where everything comes in smaller servings). use 32oz or 45oz for above trick, and 64oz for, like, enchiladas or something.

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