And actually, I created this node last night, but then I realized I was in NO condition to write anything useful, so I just went to bed instead. As I was writing the text below, prole was writing her text above, and she hit "submit first, apparently". = )

Well, even though sparky got to it first, and P_I still hasn't been able to Node The Thing Up, here's my take on the event of the season. Times are approximate. Certain minor details may be incorrect. Convert to metric where required.

Preliminaries: Jeeves gets about 7 hours of sleep on Thursday night, then wastes Friday fooling around. Winds up staying up very late making contingency plans in case his ride doesn't show up at the airport, and only sleeps from 2:30a till 3:30a, at which point he drives to Phoenix and boards the plane to Seattle.

9:30a Jeeves lands in Seattle, somewhat nervous and really hoping his ride will show up so he doesn't have to ride city buses around Seattle, a town which he's never been to before.

10:00a Guy walks into terminal hesitantly waving a sign labelled "JEEVES". Jeeves waves, brief introductions.

1:00p Jeeves and sparky arrive in Vancouver, after a brief dalliance with a [customs who demanded to know where we were going and what we were going to do there.

4:30p After lunch at Subway and several hours of wandering around downtown Vancouver before finally finding the Pit of Doom (this was only accomplished because of the TabNet/E2 chalk graffiti on the back wall of the Pit), Jeeves is so tired by now that he simply must sleep. He naps on the concrete surrounding the Pit of Doom, and is only accosted by Station Security once. He got a whole hour of sleep.

6:15p A strange guy wearing a bizarre hat and sporting a very interesting beard wanders into the Pit of Doom and sits on the blocks. After a few seconds of staring, the strange man asked us if we were waiting for someone...we said we were indeed. He then asked if we were from "Everything2". Again, we replied in the affirmative. The man introduced himself as Pseudo_Intellectual, at which point sparky immediately threw himself at his feet and bowed appreciatively. Jeeves settled for a handshake.

6:30p - 8:30p Random skanky TabNetters arrive, plus yam. The fencing with home-grown Nerf bats commences. After a grueling, bitter duel with his foe, our hero Jeeves is overpowered by the writeup-saturated Pseudo_Intellectual and hurled to the metal of the Pit's grate begging for mercy. After considerable waiting, more Tabbers, moa, icicle and her roommate, and prole arrive.

8:30p-ish Entire group enjoys scenic walk to the site of the fireworks. Pseudo_Intellectual serenades our contingent with Jawharp music, then passes out kazoos. Several levels of StarCon music, in full orchestrated kazoo parts, amuses passersby. Group and nearby innocents pelted with three year old (I am not kidding) mini-marshmallows. prole and moa go for a "walk", returning 45 minutes later (too bad, they missed the kazoo symphony).

10p-ish An awesome fireworks display began.

11:30p After the fireworks, the group stands around debating where to go. The group splits and starts walking to the TabHouse, except for Pseudo_Intellectual, moa, prole, jeeves, sparky, and one of P_I's roommates, who headed for sparky's truck. Near the garage, prole and moa went off to go drinking. Jeeves, sparky, P_I, and the roommate drive over to the TabHouse.

1:00a (Sunday) After an interminable debate about what to do at the TabHouse, pizza is ordered and a game of Trivial Pursuit begins, with 4 teams of random Tabbers/noders. Jeeves had the coveted honor of being on P_I's team. prole and moa call up and say they found a hostel to stay in -- they are never seen or heard from again.

3:00a Jeeves, though amazed at how long he'd been awake so far, finally crashes. Sleeps wrapped in a throw rug using his duffel bag as a pillow, in P_I's basement, due to the shortage of linens. As it turns out, if he'd stayed up later he could have fought sparky for a mattress. Jeeves considered stealing the sleeping bag that icicle's roommate was using for a pillow, but he opted out of dealing with a just-woken-up girl.

5:00a The Trivial Pursuit game ends, nobody won (so I hear).

9:17 Jeeves is woken up by icicle coming down to the basement to wake up her roommate. Wondering why they left so early, Jeeves goes back to sleep.

12:30p Pseudo_Intellectual tells Jeeves to get up for "breakfast".

1:30p Jeeves, sparky, Pseudo_Intellectual, yam, a friend of yam's, and P_I's roommate walk to a Dim Sum place in Chinatown called "Park Lock".

3:00p Some of them were still hungry after the dim sum, so the group goes to the Chinese bakery that exclusively sustained Pseudo_Intellectual's first 3,000 writeups, according to one of his roommates.

3:15p Group goes to Dr. Sun-Yat-Sen memorial garden and contemplates the lilypads. Jeeves cracks bad jokes about old games, to the amusement of P_I and the consternation of sparky.

3:45p Group goes to 7-11 to purchase candy and slurpees. Jeeves buys a 64oz soda. yam departs the group shortly afterwards (and no, her name is not "May"). The group heads back to the TabHouse.

4:30p sparky, Jeeves, Pseudo_Intellectual, and one of his roommates discuss the Northwest vs. the Southwest, Linux, E2, E1, old games, and rain for several hours.

7:30ish Pseudo_Intellectual invites Jeeves and sparky to ice cream at Casa del Gelatto, which carries 168 flavors of ice cream (meaning, every kind you can think of). Jeeves considers a triple-scoop of "Gorgonzola and Blue Cheese" and opts for a scoop each of corn, rice, and mango-macademia.

9:00p-ish Jeeves and sparky thank Pseudo_Intellectual for his hospitality and hit the road, only to drive around Vancouver following misplaced signs until they wound up going the wrong way on a one-way street. sparky gives up on remembering the path they took coming into the city and relies on instinct, miraculously locating Highway 99 and the way back home.

1:10a (Monday) Sparky drops Jeeves off at the airport in Seattle.

1:51a Jeeves concludes writing his notes about the gathering for later noding, stretches out on his luggage, and goes to sleep for 4 hours.

Epilogue: Jeeves's flight landed in Phoenix at 9:30a, at which point he went to ASU to help his girlfriend move into her apartment. He finally wound up going to bed at 2am on Tuesday morning, and slept for 100 years.

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