Sparky is also a common nickname given to shipboard radio operators. The term goes back to the days of spark-gap morse code radios.

Nickname for Charles M. Schulz, especially among his fellow cartoonists.

Many tributes upon his passing were addressed affectionately to "Sparky".

Track 5 on Kristin Hersh's 1994 release on Sire Records entitled Hips and Makers.
This particular track is an instrumental piece, which is why I offer you no lyrics here. But to try to communicate how it sounds, somehow, it makes me think of walking down a stone path in the dark with a candle, or watching the Aurora Borealis (I imagine), like you're mostly in darkness but there's details all around, flashing by, giving you hints and glimpses, but you're still alone.
Hmm. Just check her out.

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