A Japanese all-girl power pop/rock band. I'd describe their music as a cross between The Ramones and The Go-Gos. Their music is usually happy and upbeat, and their lyrics range from a variety of cute or happy topics, but they also tend to have a lot of songs about food. Regardless of their sometimes silly lyrics, Shonen Knife's music always puts me in a happy mood.

Shonen Knife has been around in Japan since the early Eighties (1981, I think). They were relatively unknown in the US until the early Ninties. Kurt Cobain, lead singer of Nirvana, really dug Shonen Knife's music, and took them on Nirvana's tour. Not only did this launch their career to a new high, but Nirvana was an influence in later Shonen Knife tracks; you can hear some heavy Nirvana-esque guitar riffs in songs like Twist Barbie ,Hot Chocolate, and Banana Chips (which is my personal favorite SK song).

Until recently, Shonen Knife consisted of three members: Naoko Yamano (guitar), Atsuko Yamano (drums), and Michie Nakatani (bass). Michie left the band, leaving just the Yamano sisters. However, their last album, Strawberry Sound, was recorded before Michie left.

Discography of US Releases:
Shonen Knife (1990)--this is their fist release in America. It's a compilation of their earlier songs from the Eighties.
Let's Knife (1993)--this is re-recordings of their earlier songs.
Rock Animals (1994)
The Birds & the B-Sides (1996)--this is all cover tunes. Included is an awesome cover of the Carpenter's hit Top of the World ( FYI, Shonen Knife's version of the song was used in Microsoft's TV commercials for Windows 95.)
Brand New Knife (1997)
Happy Hour (1998)--my favorite SK album.
Strawberry Sound (2000)--so far, only released in Japan; hopefully in the US soon.

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