Cork punk band who flourished in the early nineties. The Ramones and Shonen Knife were primary influences. The band welded punk rock energy with humourous lyrics.

The Sultans (they later dropped the ping) scored a hit in Ireland, the UK and bizarrely Sweden with 'Where's me jumper' which combined a guitar riff worthy of Nirvana with lyrics such as

dancing in the disco bumper to bumper,
Wait a minute, Where's me jumper? (X5) ...
I'm sure I had it on in the lavatory
and I'm sure I had it on when I had my tea, Oh no.
The band released their debut album Casual sex in the cineplex to indie acclaim but their next two albums Teenage Drug and Good year for trouble sank into increasing obscurity.

However, they maintained a loyal fanbase in Japan and were one of the first European bands to play Hiroshima. Some single they have released over the years are

  1. Veronica
  2. Japanese girls
  3. Stupid Kid
  4. Michiko
  5. Wake up and scratch me
  6. You talk too much

They played their last gig late in 1997 in Sir Henry's nightclub in Cork1. The Sultans of Ping were Niall O' Flaherty (vocals), Morty McCarthy (drums), Alan McFeely (bass), Pat O'Connell (guitar) and Sammy Stieger (guitar).

1I'm unaware of any official breakup.

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