In the video game Homeworld: Cataclysm, the Faal-Corum is one of two Kuun-Lan-class heavy mining vessels operated by Kiith Somtaaw. It is the sister ship of the Kuun-Lan, which is the ship the player controls. Like the initial Kuun-Lan, it is equipped with a hangar module, an ore canister and a large lower module which houses the work areas. Although designated as a mining ship, it is capable of constructing fighters, corvettes and frigates, and is armed with six medium mass driver cannons.

Ultimately, the Faal-Corum isn't that important to the story. However, in one of the single-player missions, the Kuun-Lan responds to a distress call from the Faal-Corum, which is under attack by Beast forces. While Faal-Corum's cannons and her defense force do a fairly good job of holding off the Beast's forces, it still takes Kuun-Lan's added firepower to drive them back.

This wasn't something I'd normally node, but it was an interesting nodeshell.

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