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Me. Or something.

What the hezmana am I doing here? Hmm. Good question. I'm contributing, or at least I'd like to think so. What am I contributing? Well... Node what you know, they say, and so I do. With the occasional foray elsewhere.

I'm here to contribute, of course, and to help others do so. I have a nuclear noodleton of nodeshells floating around. If you fill one of them well, I'll... Hm. I'm not a god/editor/etc, so all I can do is upvote or C! them. But hey, I'll do that!

Think you see something bogus/weird/troggy/curious in one of my nodes? Lemme know! Odds are, I'll fix it, or at least explain it. Again, if there is something specific that bugs or confuses you about one of my writeups, tell me! Downvotes and insulting or editorial softlinks have their place, of course, but a bit of crappiness is much more likely to get fixed if I know what's crappy. Odds are it's there specifically because I didn't realize that it sucked.

Oh. And the handle. It's an arbitrary name, pretty much. Locke is taken from Final Fantasy 6, and Baron was the last name of a fellow I knew at the time (1995 or so). (who wasn't a baron, by the way, since of course we don't have 'em in the USA). I started occasionally using it as a handle, and it's just sorta stuck... I have a few others. Chances are, they google. I think. I don't really egosurf much - but everything googles if you google hard enough.

Let's see, what else... Well, I'm Wiccan, I used to be a sailor, and I'm a furry, at least in some venues. I'm also a serious Weenix Unie.

Oh yeah, then there's kitties. Mew! I'm a fan of all kinds of kitties, from cute little black kittens with one white paw to big fuzzy Maine Coons with their whole snowshoe-neko thing. Or even wild kitties, like lynx or servals or caracals, and of course, who doesn't like snowmews? And foxes - especially fennecs.

My projects / works in progress

    Cursed Earth - a collaborative effort between my brother and I, about a post-apocalyptic, or arguably mid-apocalyptic, world. It was his idea. I just weld things on. Some of it is in order, but I'm writing things as they come to me. As it stands, this is only a very approximate order. Starred items are nodeshells in my soon-to-finish queue.
    John's Arc
  1. Follow the Sun
  2. Andrea's Ashes
  3. Somewhere in Pennsylvania, an angel gets its wings*
  4. We hid all day until the hunting spiders left
  5. Spiders in the night
  6. The morning ritual of the damned
  7. The man who can fix anything
  8. Life sucks, get a helmet
  9. Logan's Arc
  10. To the south
  11. Zuvembie
  12. Nightmare Fuel
  13. Kurt's Arc
  14. You can never go home again
  15. Advance Guards
  16. Undecided
  17. Aaron's War*
  18. --more--
    The Rising Star saga - an SF universe work in progress. I'm not sure of all the details yet, and this is very helter-skelter right now. I write these pell-mell as I think of them. There will be an order, so far nothing.
  • Action Stations - the first in the revised RS continuity.
  • Forgotten things in space - tangentially related.
  • Zamphuor - kinda. It's in both the HHGTG and RS universes, I suppose. I haven't fully decided if/where this one fits.

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