Kristin Hersh's first solo album following the breakup of Throwing Muses. Songs feature her distinctive lyrical style which is variously described as bad teenage poetry or piercing abstracted insights into the ways of love, obsession, desire and madness. Instrumentation is limited to Hersh's acoustic guitar backed by occasional cello and muted rythmn section.
The album is worth owning if only for the first track. A rather lovely duet with Michael Stipe.

1994 release by Kristin Hersh on Sire Records. Michael Stipe sings along on "Ghost". The songs are full of smokey, odd beauty, like the old, forgotten attic room of a very rich, very well-traveled woman - lots of stained glass, silver, and tapestries. Kristin's angels and demons make great music together, a dark, raging spin that she is so caught up in, like it would've come out of her had we been listening or not, but what a good thing that someone hit record...

Hips and Makers

Your Ghost
Houdini Blues
A Loon
Velvet Days
Close Your Eyes
Me and My Charms
Tuesday Night
The Letter
The Cuckoo
Hips and Makers

Hips and Makers

Rocking on the ocean
sucking up the sea
every bird flies over me...

We have hips and makers
we have a good time...

I married a boxer to keep me from fighting
I married a brewer to keep me from drinking...

They keep me dancing...
Finally it's alright

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