Note: The italicized lines in this song should be appended to each verse.
The cuckoo is a pretty bird, he sings as he flies He bring us glad tidings and tells us no lies
He sucks little birds' eggs to make his voice clear
And sings to us sweetly three times a year
Cuckoo in April, cuckoo in May
Cuckoo in June and July flies away

A-walking and a-talking and a-walking went I
To meet my true-lover, he'll come by and by
To meet him in the meadows it is my delight
Then I'll go a-walking from morning to night

For meeting is a pleasure and parting is a grief
And a false-hearted lover's far worse than a thief
A thief will but rob you and take all you've saved
But an inconstant lover will turn you to the grave

(British Isles folk song -- original author unknown)

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