Are you hardcore?
Have you got fingers of steel and too much free time in November?

Your time has come. Welcome to

Our objective is simple: to write 30 nodes in 30 days. We will do this to prove that it is possible. We will do this because other, equally crazy people, will be doing it too. We will do this because we love E2, and E2 is not just a website written in Perl, it is not just a community - E2 IS CONTENT. But most of all, we will do it for the BIG FAT REWARDS!

Our divine patrons are alex, Avalyn, wertperch and grundoon. I am not sure exactly who will be doing what (and perhaps the doings of the gods are best not known to ordinary mortals), but I think that Avalyn and grundoon will be dispensing blessings of GP, while alex will provide "Goodies". wertperch, in addition to promising to read and vote on EVERYTHING, has promised to "grant gifts of votes-to-spend to Level 1+2 noders, and C!-to-spend for Level 3+4. for outstanding stuff". As regards the GP, I will be petitioning for the following:

  • 200GP for every 5 writeups submitted as part of the challenge.
  • 2000GP, plus some of alex's mysterious "goodies", for successful completion of the challenge!

For those wondering what about all the XP I was promised!, here's the thing: you may have noticed that the whole XP and Levelling System has changed recently. XP was becoming somewhat debased as a measure of the value of nodes and noders, so we now have a new currency to be used for quests, gifts and suchlike: GP. GP can be spent on all kinds of fun stuff. NOTE: The GP rewards I've given above are just guesses. alex has noted that don't actually know yet what GP is worth. 2000 GP might turn out to be utterly huge. So don't get upset if the actual award turns out lower than I've said. Whatever it is, it will reflect the huge effort that successful Iron Noders will have put in.

In addition, all submitted writeups will be listed here and will attract lots and lots of votes and C!s if worthy. Myself, the lovely jessicaj, the master scambaiter Augustine, the benevolent wertperch and the samurai noder mauler (so far) have promised to vote on ALL submitted writeups. Augustine has also promised to award one C! per day to a noder who has written something he especially likes. So, those crazy enough to participate in this challenge will find their efforts richly rewarded. New noders will gain levels like nobody's business. Old hoary noders like myself will drag ourselves closer to that elusive next milestone. And everyone involved will (hopefully) have a lot of fun, and (probably) find themselves severely challenged at least once or twice, and probably more.

The Rules

  • The Iron Noder Challenge begins at 00:00 (server time) on November 1, 2008, and ends at 00:00 (server time) on December 1, 2008. Writeups submitted outside that timeframe will not be considered part of the quest.
  • You must submit 30 new writeups in 30 days. The Iron Noder Ideal is 1 per day, but we must be flexible about that to allow for normal life circumstances, days away, illness, etc. Flooding New Writeups with 30 writeups in 1 day, while legal, would be frowned upon, and the E2 userbase would probably not react well.
  • Any topic, any form, anything goes.
  • There is no minimum or maximum length for writeups. They must simply survive. Nuked nodes will not count towards your total. For this reason, final rewards will not be dispensed until a couple of days after the 30 November deadline, to allow last-minute writeups to be voted on and pass muster with the editors.
  • Even if you fail the overall challenge, you will still keep any GP rewards for each multiple of 5 writeups you submitted. However, this doesn't mean that everyone can "join" the quest, submit 5 writeups in November that they would have submitted anyway, and get 200GP. You must make a serious attempt.
  • You may write a maximum of 5 daylogs.
  • You may prepare material in advance. However if this stops you noding for, say, the entire month of October, this would also go against the Iron Noder Ideal.
  • Yes, you can also do NaNoWriMo. Yes, this makes you completely insane. No, you can't have any more goodies for completing both.

If we are to fail, let it be a glorious failure!

If you want to participate, let me know by /msg and I'll add you to the list. I have nothing against people joining late, but at some point you have to let me know, because otherwise you won't get your goodies!

All participants will become members of the ironnoders usergroup. I'll keep everyone up to date with the latest developments and send what will probably quickly become tedious messages of exhortation. You can also wander into The Iron Noder Gym if you want to screen out the chatterbox and stay focused on your task!


Don't panic if you don't see your latest nodes on the list. It just means I've fallen behind in keeping track of them. If I miss one out completely, however, do /msg me about it.

For those folks who are interested in the Iron Noder Challenges over the years, here's a concise listing in one spot. 

  1. 2008: Look at the node above, you just scrolled past the inaugural Iron Noder Challenge! Hosted by Dreamvirus.
  2. 2009: THE IRON NODER CHALLENGE 2: ELECTRIC BOOGALOO. Remember when Electric Boogaloo was a thing? Hosted by GhettoAardvark.
  3. 2010: THE IRON NODER CHALLENGE 3: THIS TIME IT'S MARTENSITIC. Hosted by GhettoAardvark.
  4. 2011: THE IRON NODER CHALLENGE 4: FERRASSIC PARK. Guess what movie was popular. Hosted by Aerobe.
  5. 2012: THE IRON NODER CHALLENGE 5: THE FERROUS FRONTIER. These "iron" references are becoming more common. Hosted by mauler.
  6. 2013: THE IRON NODER CHALLENGE 6: RUST NEVER SLEEPS. I get that reference so I must be old. Hosted again by the venerable mauler.
  7. 2014: THE IRON NODER CHALLENGE 7: NODE HARDER WITH A VENGEANCE. I can see Bruce Willis playing me in the movie version. Again we can thank mauler for hosting.
  8. 2015: THE IRON NODER CHALLENGE 8: RUST IS FOR THE WEAK. I'm starting to see a trend here...hosted by mauler.
  9. 2016: THE IRON NODER CHALLENGE: 9 FAST 9 FERROUS is hitting the streets driving fancy cars thanks again to mauler.
  10. 2017: IRON NODER X: XTREME XCELLENCE. I decided to crank out a lot of nodes and hold the current record of 294 and the only Orichalcum noder. Thanks again, mauler!
  11. 2018: IRON NODER: TOKYO DRIFT is the eleventh iteration thanks to mauler the immortal.
  12. 2019: THE IRON NODER CHALLENGE XII: WE'LL RUST WHEN WE'RE DEAD. It's mauler's eighth anniversary as host, so make sure you thank him for his hard work.

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