Most E2 users are aware that if you type /msg followed by a username and a message in the "Talk" box of the Chatterbox nodelet, you can send a personal private message to another user. However, there is a veritable plethora of additional chatterbox commands you can enter into the box, with a wide variety of functions, many of which are unknown to many users.

So I figured it was high time we had a node succinctly laying out what all of these commands are and what they can do. Below are all of the chatterbox commands which are known to be available for general use (there may be even more, but if so, I haven't found them myself yet!)...

Basic Message Commands

These are the basic message commands used for sending personal private messages to other users. Remember that any usernames that have spaces in them must be typed in with an underscore in place of each space.

/msg - this is the basic message command
/msg? - this is the "online only" message command used to send messages to only those members of an E2 usergroup who are currently online
/tell - this variant is an alternative to /msg that otherwise functions exactly the same as the /msg command

Other Basic Commands

These are other commands with generally useful functions.

/chatteroff - this command hides the conversation in the chatterbox from your view
/chatteron - this command restores your ability to view the conversation in the chatterbox
/ignore - this command, followed by a username, hides anything said in the chatterbox by that user from your view, as well as hiding any personal messages sent to you from said user. You can check up on which users (if any) you are ignoring and are ignoring you over at Your ignore list.
/unignore - this command, followed by a username, restores your ability to see what is being said by that user in the chatterbox
/invite - if you are in a room other than "outside," this command, followed by a username, sends a message inviting that user to come join you in that room
/help - this command, followed by a keyword or phrase, generates an automatic personal message from Virgil explaining that word, if a help topic exists for that word.

"Me" Commands

These commands insert an italicized message into the chatterbox conversation, describing your putative personal actions and behavior.

/me - the basic "me" command, followed by an action described in the present tense, inserts an italicized line into the chatterbox conversation with your username followed by your description of your action
/me's - the possessive "me" command, followed by an phrase describing an object and its action in present tense, inserts an italicized line into the chatterbox conversation describing the action(s) of an object actually or allegedly in your possession.

Whisper Commands

By placing any of the following (identical in function) "whisper" commands in front of a message you wish to submit to the chatterbox conversation, your message will be reduced in size when it appears, to indicate the notion that you are whispering or otherwise talking quietly to yourself.


The Sing Command

The "sing" command places a randomly selected assortment of little musical notes around your chatterbox message, to indicate that you are singing those words.


Egg Commands

The "egg" commands are used to "egg" another user in the catbox. This produces a special message written in small caps, varying based on the specific egg command used, and gifts the recipient with 3 GP. Using an egg command requires that the user possess at least one easter egg, which is expended upon using the command.

/egg - This is the basic "egg" command. At any given time there may be several other egg commands, which vary by the moment and are added and deleted at the whim of the gods.
/fireball - this is a special egg command, only available to users level 15 and above. It still costs one easter egg to use, but gives the recipient 5 GP instead of 3, and also sends them a personal message.

The Topic Command

Users who are Level 6 or higher and have at least one token can use this command to reset the chatterbox topic to a topic of their choosing, for a cost of one token.


The Sanctify Command

Users who are Level 11 or higher can use this command to publicly sanctify other users in the chatterbox.


The Roll Command

Users can use the roll command to roll various combinations of dice, using the format /roll XdY+Z, where X and Y, and Z are positive integers and Z is an optional add on.


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