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The E2 Gift Shop and Wheel of Surprise are two features that let you trade some of your GP for exciting trinkets, and to give chings away to other users. They are comparatively new parts of the E2 system.

Eggs and Tokens are toys for use in the chatterbox.

The E2 Gift Shop has four or five sections.

  1. Give the gift of ching! - If you have chings to spend, you can instead give them to another user. You can enter a username here and hit "Give C!". They'll get a notification from Cool Man Eddie. If you use the "Give anonymously" option, it won't mention who the gift is from.
  2. Buy Ching - If you are above Level 3, you can buy a ching for 100GP; no matter what level you are, you can only buy one per day. You can then spend your ching on excellent writeups in the usual way, or give them to other users to spend.
  3. Outside Topic Setter - If you have a "token" to spare, you can use it to change the chatterbox topic here.
  4. Buy tokens - If you are Level 6 or above, you can buy new tokens for 25GP.
  5. Self Eggs-amination - This dreadful pun heralds a simple view of the number of eggs you have.

Spinning the Wheel of Surprise gives you the chance of winning a fabulous prize. The Wheel of Surprise page displays the odds of winning each prize. For only 5 GP, you could win nothing at all, an GP award, a package of chings, an Egg or a Token. E2 lets you earn GP and chings in various ways, but the Wheel of Surprise is the only way to get hold of Eggs and Tokens (until you get to Level 6, when a "Buy Tokens" button will appear in E2 Gift Shop).

Admins may also give eggs as a reward to noders they favour.

A Token allows you to set the chatterbox topic, by means of the panel in E2 Gift Shop

An Egg unlocks some new features in the chatterbox. When you have an Egg, you can use it on other users with the "/egg" command. Like this:

/egg N0b0dY 
 YOU eggs N0b0dy
Your victim then receives a +3 GP boost and your egg-count goes down by one. You can also issue "smite", "hugg", "anvil" or other commands, which work in the same way, again rewarding victim and reducing your egg-count.
/smite N0b0dY 
YOU smites N0b0dy
/hug N0b0dY 
YOU hugs N0b0dy
/anvil N0b0dY 
YOU anvils N0b0dy

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