A message (subliminal easter egg?) allegedly hidden in the Disney movie Aladdin.

If you listen just right you can hear what sounds like Robin Williams (the voice of the Genie) say "Teenagers, take off your clothes." The sound in question can be found during the scene on Princess Jasmine's balcony, where the newly crowned Prince Ali (formerly Aladdin) tries to woo her; right after Al is first approached menacingly by Jasmine's pet tiger.

According to Disney, the line is "Good kitty, take off and go" and is spoken by Aladdin. Due to the tiger growling and the music in the background, the sound is ambiguous and can be construed however the listener prefers.

Almost all off the supposed nasty sexual images in Disney movies follow this same pattern: A messy image/sound with lots of distortion which can be construed in multiple ways. Once the brain has an interpretation for an ambiguous sound/image, it's very hard to hear it any other way. This is amply demonstrated by the Mondegreen phenomenon.

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