An Everything2 Help Document

Very Likely:

You are not level 1+. Only users who have reached level 1 are allowed to vote. See The Everything2 Voting/Experience System for details.

If you absolutely hate seeing that question mark, you can turn it off in your preferences.


You have used them all. You only have a certain number of votes per day. Although if you are level 2 or above, you can buy more at the E2 Gift Shop.

Somewhat likely:

You have not been allocated votes yet. Votes are given out every day at midnight UTC (00:00 server time). If you just got to level 1, you may need to wait until tomorrow when you get your votes.

Sorta Likely:

You are looking at a system node. Writeups to E2 bugs, E2 Nuke Request, et al. do not have voting options on them.


Somehow the votes didn't get passed out last night! Better ask a god.

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