Some years ago, a quirky, unsettling, dare I say groundbreaking television series called Twin Peaks made it to our screens. A product of the fertile and strange mind of David Lynch, Twin Peaks was and is an incredible piece of video work. People are still talking about it today. Now's your chance, if you haven't seen it, to find out why; and if you have, to relive it again!

I was gifted, over the holidays, with the “Gold Box” DVD edition of the show, newly remastered and a damn sight better than the VHS version, and we'd like to share it with y'all. So come on down to Heyworth for . . .

Children of the Corny 4: My (Editor) log has something to tell you ...

A Twin Peaks marathon

The dossier:


Thursday, July 3 through Sunday, July 6. That's over the (US) Independence Day weekend, so come and celebrate your independence from boredom with us.


The Universe moves but we don't: again at our house at 107 East Sullivan Street, Heyworth, Illinois. DO NOT go to 107 West, those folks are not us! Heyworth’s about ten minutes south of the Bloomington/Normal area – also some three hours from Chicago, or Indianapolis, or St. Louis.

The Bloomington/Normal area is at the hub of many major highways: Interstate 55, Interstate 74, US 51, and even ol' Route 66. The Central Illinois Regional Airport is also nearby. The Peoria airport, 50 miles distant, may be cheaper. Also, there's an Amtrak station in Normal that's very convenient. Message me if you need help with directions, travel plans, or need a ride from/to public transport.


As I said, we want to share the wonder that is Twin Peaks with our friends. Besides, if yclept can do a video marathon, we can too!


We’ll have plenty of chips and snacks and munchies around, any manner of soft drinks, beer, and wine. For the harder stuff, bring what you like and bring some to share (sharing is caring, after all). We don’t drink beer, so suggestions on what to get would be nice. Also, we'll have plenty of strong black coffee and damn fine cherry pie!


Details of the video are still being worked out. It's 26 episodes of about 45 minutes each, with some few extras, so we'll figure out whether that means put the discs in, push “play”, and let it run to the end; or put some breaks in-between for sleeping. Suggestions gratefully accepted!

For those not into watching, of course there'll be other stuff to do. Games, drinking, eating, drinking, meeting noders, drinking, E2 news 'n' gossip, drinking – in short, the usual nodermeet mayhem!


We’ve got some room here. We can sleep two on the futon (it’s been reinforced), one on the couch, three to four in the upstairs bedroom, and three to five or so on the floor in the living room. If you’ve got a preference, please let me know and I’ll keep a running tally. Floor crashers should bring something to sleep on, it’s a hardwood floor (emphasis on the hard). There are motels within ten miles or so of us – let me know if you need help with arrangements.


The cats will be boarded at our handsome vet's office for the weekend. They'll be furious when they come home Sunday, but I'll heal up ... eventually ...

As a rule, we don’t have neighbor problems, but keeping outside noise down is always appreciated.

Those willing to enter the Black Lodge:

Those who might dare:

The lost and unable to find it:

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