Ubiquitous installations that define crass commercialism. Gift shops are found in pretty much every tourist attraction, sometimes in great numbers (such as at Disneyland or Sedona, AZ) depending on the size of the trap. At the end of a guided tour or (not-so-)exciting amusement park ride, you will suddenly find yourself inside a gift shop. Resist the compulsion to purchase a "souvenir"; the feeling of manic consumerism will pass once you get outside.

Prices at a gift shop range from 50% to 500+% more than you would pay for the same item in an ordinary store. Gift shops often sell products that are identical to mundane items (such as Silly Putty or potato chips) aside from being emblazoned with a logo or "I survived..." slogan.

The indoor shopping mall is basically a large collection of gift shops; the only difference is that the shops aren't associated with anything fun (like a roller coaster or log ride) and expensive clothing stores are mixed in for good measure.

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