A casino near the Orillia area that has been operating since 1996, Casino Rama has established itself as one of the nicer places to gamble in Ontario. Too far from the American border for a tourist to make it a day trip, Casino Rama caters to the typical Ontarian who craves non-stop slot action 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

The name of this casino has nothing to do with the actions that may be implied suffix Rama (barf-o-rama, Bowlerama, etc...) but instead, indicates its location. Rama Township is near Lake Couchiching and the casino was built on land owned by the Chippewas of M’njikaning First Nation.

Controversy surrounded the casino's existence from the beginning of its planning. Residents of Orillia and Rama Township were concerned about the impact of gambling in their communities. Since the casino was to be built on the reservation, employment would be available to Natives, however many Ontarians thought this would become a molotov cocktail for society on the reservation. If you pair the statistics of Native Canadians and substance abuse with the habits of gamblers, there is cause for some concern. This has proven itself to be moot, as the casino is promoting education for its employees and there have been no reports of the casino contributing to the demise of society.

It has also given First Nations residents a sense of pride and ownership for a sucessful operation in which they have fought for. During its construction, a change in provincial administration threatened its existence. Negotiations laboured on for years over profit sharing and trust.

The casino's entertainment roster includes the following:

Games: Dining and Entertainment

Dining ranges from light snacks down to the swank Silver Nightingale Lounge which features big-cheese and crooner acts like Paul Anka, Kenny Rogers, Hall and Oates and The Beach Boys.

Other services to guests include:

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