The casino game Big Six (aka Wheel of Fortune or the Money Wheel) can be found in almost every casino. It's called Big Six because there are six different payout odds. Most casinos have one of these giant wheels located right near the exits to help departing guests get rid of their last few remaining $1 chips. (No need to let them keep them overnight).

Bets are made by placing your money on the layout in one of the boxes. These boxes correspond to the numbers on the wheel and indicate the payoff rates. There are 54 slots on the wheel:

       Spot      Number    Payout    House Edge
         $1          23       1-1        11.11%
         $2          15       2-1        16.67%
         $5           8       5-1        22.22%
        $10           4      10-1        18.52%
        $20           2      20-1        22.22%
      joker           1      40-1        24.07%
casino logo           1      40-1        24.07% 

The Big Six wheel contains some of the worst payouts you can find in a table game. For that reason you won't find too many gamblers hanging around this virtual money vacuum.

Big Six "Optimal Strategy"?

The "optimal strategy" for this game (like all other casino games): DO NOT PLAY THIS GAME! Take whatever chips you have remaining and cash them in at the cashier cage. Big Six is not a beatable game using any strategy over the long run (barring cheating).

If perhaps you should find yourself "forced" (by gunpoint or coercion) to play this game then the optimal strategy changes somewhat. To get the lowest house edge you should bet the minimum (typically $1) on the $1 spot. All the other bets are considerably worse. You should quit playing this game at the earliest opportunity.

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