A Japanese food and gift shop in Helsinki, Finland.

Tokyokan offers a wide range of imported merchandise from Japan. Their shelves are filled with sushi rice, wasabi (paste and powder), nori, sencha, noodles, soy sauces and everything else needed for attempting to emulate Japanese cuisine in your home. They also sell plenty of equipment for food preparation including knives and bamboo mats.
Traditional Japanese tableware is also available; sushi and miso bowls, tea and sake cups, plates, pretty chopsticks and more.
Not enough? Scattered around the store are also items like cookbooks, kimonos and even candy.
Tokyokan is also in the process of opening a take-away sushi bar in its facilities early 2001.

The prices in Tokyokan vary from high to insane. But what do you expect from a store importing goods from an expensive country to another expensive country and selling them to a relatively small customer base for profit. Their business still seems to be running well - the owner told me their stocks had been significantly reduced during the holiday season.
Despite featuring a respectable amount of stuff, the store isn't nearly as crammed as many other similar places in downtown Helsinki. The service is good from 50% of the two-person staff, but the other half could use some improvement.
Even with its faults, Tokyokan is most likely the best place for a Finnish Nihon freak to get his/her desired items and gifts without ordering them from Japan.

Annankatu 20
00120 Helsinki


(currently only in Finnish)

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